Name: Mark Strazhari

Position: GBO technician

How long have you been working for Get Bats Out?
Only a few months now. I actually own my own pest-control business with my wife (I’ve done it for the past nine years), and Michael came around talking about a partnership. He liked me enough to give me this great opportunity, so here I am!

Where are you based, and what areas do you serve?
I’m based in the Pacific Northwest, and I serve Washington state up to the Canadian border, Idaho, Oregon, and California.

In my pest-control business, I’ve done jobs overseas in some exotic places, and so has my wife.

Get Bats Out Mark's Wife holding a bat

Tell us about your family.

It’s just me and the wife right now. I met her in Scotland and fell in love with her. She loves the business as much as I do!

Tell us your favorite on-the-job bat removal story.
As a Get Bats Out technician, there was this job in Mt. Shasta that really stuck with me. Picture a huge estate occupying several acres! Now, picture a 10,000-square-feet luxury mansion somewhere on that enormous lot. It had everything you’d expect: Greek statues, imported shale stone for the roof, and even a parking lot!

In fact, the estate was so big that we actually got lost trying to find the massive mansion on it—twice! As for the job itself, it was a fun challenge trying to work within restrictions like not standing on the expensive roof (we had to use a cherry picker).

Only one person lived in that mansion, and only for half of the year, but he apparently shared his home with hundreds of bats before he called us.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
In my business and in Get Bats Out, we’re all about actually solving the problem to the best of our ability. Too many pest-control companies have what I call the “Netflix business model,” where they charge you monthly to come out and spray harsh chemicals on the property.

It’s much cheaper and safer to solve the problem and then prevent it from occurring in the future. That’s what I love about the job: the detective and problem-solving aspect of it. It takes more skill than spraying, but the results speak for themselves!

Anything else you want to add?
When I got into my own business, it was because I wanted to solve any pest problem that someone might have. Many competitors only do bugs or rodents, but won’t help you if it’s a raccoon, snake, or bear. My company does it all, which is why a whopping 80 percent of our business actually comes from other pest-control companies that refer the hardest cases to us!

I also wanted to mention that I’m passionate about innovation and green technology in the pest-control industry. I’m experimenting with using natural methods like training ferrets to find bedbugs and breeding mushrooms that can kill carpenter ants!

The government wants pesticide to be a last resort, but too many pest-control companies start with pesticide. I think it’s great to be part of a company like Get Bats Out that encourages creativity in excluding bats humanely.

Thanks, Mark, for being a valued and highly skilled part of the Get Bats Out team!

Your local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski

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