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We offer guano clean-up and histoplasmosis testing to customers who need it.

We have had success filing claims with insurance, so let us help you step-by-step in speaking to your agent and filing a claim. Our customer service agent would be happy to discuss this avenue with you. Please fill out and submit the form above to get started.

There are fully trained and insured technicians available in your area to help safely and humanely eradicate your bat problem.

Do It Yourself

If you are interested in trying to take care of your bat problem yourself, download our Complete Guide to Bat Removal today! Our how-to-guide covers the most common bat removal issues that homeowners will encounter, including insurance claims, safe exclusion, and guano clean-up.

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Get Bats Out and Covid-19

At Get Bats Out, we are taking  Covid-19 very seriously.  We want you to be aware of the steps we are taking to ensure our technicians and our customers safety. If you have questions about our new procedures and policies please call our customer service number 877-264-2287 or visit our Covid-19 FAQ page.