I’ve known about this problem for over a year, but it’s been getting a lot of coverage recently: wind turbines keep killing bats.

Why is this happening? What’s the issue? Many sources say that bats are mistaking wind turbines for trees. In my opinion, the most likely scenario is that the turbines are interfering with the bats’ echolocation.

Part of the problem is, we don’t really know why it’s happening! But in the meantime, endangered bats are turning up dead because of wind turbines, and it’s particularly bad for bats (as opposed to birds). Here’s why:

  1. They’re already endangered.
  2. Bats require high adult survivorship to maintain and grow their populations.

In other words, killing adult bats will make it even harder for these bat species to hang on.

My Take on the Issue

We deal with bats every day at Get Bats Out, so it’s rough when I see this going on. At the same time, though, I’m a big proponent of green energy, and I’m genuinely excited about advancements in wind power.

The authors of the study and scientists are looking for a way to make wind turbines less appealing to wildlife. I’m hopeful that a solution will be found, because ultimately, oil emissions still do more damage to ecology than these wind turbines.

If we can move toward green energy that’s better for the environment and safe for bats, we’ll finally hit upon a win-win. I’m confident we will.

Your local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski

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