There are a lot of misconceptions about bats in general. However, bat removal is one of the most misunderstood processes we talk to people about. We get a lot of questions about “laws” regarding bats and bat removal, especially regarding the timing of doing a removal.

Actual laws regarding bat removal are fairly loose in most states. There are many suggested guidelines and regulations though.

While federal regulations are fairly clear, there are also state regulations you need to follow. One thing remains the same though, September is a great month for bat removal no matter where you live.

September Bat Removal Rocks

The month of September is a GREAT  time to perform a bat removal from your home or commercial building. The reason why is two-fold.

One is that any baby bats are now flying and leaving the roost. They still spend a lot of time with their mothers but they are mostly self sufficient.

Bat pups can fly by September

Two is that the bats have not gone into hibernation yet. Some species of bats fly south for the winter, some bats find nice warm caves in the woods to hibernate, and some species stay in their year round roost and simply go to sleep. Bats are still active in the month of September and have not gone into a hibernation state yet.

September bat removal

Don’t Wait!

So if you’ve been putting off a bat removal, now is the time to get it started. Your local state government has cleared you for bat removal. Suggested exclusion blackout dates vary state to state but almost all of them end by August 15th.

This is the busiest time of the year for bat removal. If you have a project you’ve been putting off, make sure to contact us soon to get on the schedule. Spots are filling up fast!

If it’s a budget issue holding you back, make sure and call us anyway. We are obviously thrill seekers that love a good challenge. We can get creative with budget issues and help you make the most of your time and money when it comes to bat removal.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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