Building condemned - bat infestation

Oftentimes, property managers we work with do not understand the severity of the situation when they have a bat infestation in one of their properties. We focus on education and not scare tactics. There are some real life situations that you need to be aware of though.

Cancer, Quarantine, and Condemnation

One of the saddest stories of repercussion from a bat infestation I’ve come across in quite a while recently came out of Illinois.

A tenant in an apartment had to relocate when her apartment was condemned by the Health Department for a bat infestation. To make matters worse, she is battling breast cancer, didn’t have her 2 dogs shots up to date, and is going to have to get rabies shots for herself and her 2 family members.

So, what does all that boil down to in the end? A hefty bill for the property owner.

The health risks involved from a bat infestation (especially in Illinois where Histoplasmosis is heavily present) are way too much for an individual undergoing chemo. Chemo suppresses the immune system. My guess is, that is why the Health Department went to this extreme extent.

The county is forcing the tenant to either quarantine her two dogs for six months or euthanize them. Boarding costs for two dogs for a six month period is about $6,000. Luckily the vets office and the community have stepped up on this point and they are helping with this bill.

Rabies shots are a painful vaccine series. It is given in four different shots over a period of a few weeks. Depending on your health insurance and where the shots are administered (many smaller areas you have to go to the ER which results in a much higher bill), you may end up paying anywhere from $8,000 to as high as $30,000 per person. Guess who is responsible for this bill in this sad situation? Yes, the owner of the property.

Compound all of this on top of the loss of all rental income and you have a potential financial disaster on your hands.

Bat infestations should not be taken lightly or brushed off.

Take the Situation Seriously

I get it, a bat infestation is not something property managers come across every day. Educating yourself, especially as a property manager, is the best thing you can do in this situation.

Call us today before your situation gets out of hand. We’re here to help.

Your local commercial bat removal expert,

Janeal Salas

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