At Get Bats Out, we pride ourselves on being very upfront about the cost of our bat control. As a contractor in the animal control industry for over 20 years, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from clients that hired a cut rate pest control company to deal with their bat problem. I realize we aren’t the cheapest bat removal professional you will find, but quality always comes with a higher price tag in my experience.

This recent news story about an unlicensed bat removal company under investigation really made me think about the ramifications for property owners of using an unlicensed animal control contractor.

Three Reasons To Think Twice

Money is a big driving factor in all of our lives. Budgets, bills, and unexpected expenses have to be factored into our everyday spending decisions. I understand this and live this way myself. But here are three reasons you may want to think twice about using a bid that is WAY lower than all the others.

1. Proper licensing – Many species of bats found in the homes or buildings throughout the US are listed as threatened endangered species by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. An unskilled, inexperienced, and unlicensed contractor unfamiliar with bats may not realize they are dealing with a threatened species. There are regulatory federal laws that protect these animals. While true that most of the responsibility will fall on your unlicensed contractors head for harming them by doing the job incorrectly or breaking laws regarding these animals, you may face some liability in the eyes of the law. Of course, that is in addition to facing your own conscience.

2. Proper insurance – One of the biggest ways that we find these cut rate pest control guys cut their own costs to make their bids for bat removal lower, is by not carrying the proper insurance to do bat work. We’re not complaining here, but our insurance to do bat work is VERY expensive for very obvious reasons. Bat removal work is just plain dangerous.We are often working on ladders high in the air going nose to nose with some hostile bats. Taking rabies out of the equation (our techs get rabies vaccinations yearly, most people that do not specialize in bats do not), what if your uninsured contractor falls off the ladder on your property? Your homeowners insurance then becomes responsible for this accident on your property… Assuming they will pay. Some won’t. Then you, the home or business owner, are left holding the bag for some medical bills. Could you fight paying them? Sure, but that’s still going to cost you time and money in attorney fees not to mention your premiums on your insurance will more than likely increase.

3. Will they come back? – I’m not trying to scare you, however the majority of the horror stories we hear are about people just simply vanishing… They come out, do the bat removal job, everything seems fine for a couple days and then the bats are right back where they were to begin with. What happened? I’m sure your unlicensed and inexperienced bat removal pest control guy will come figure it out right?!?!? Unreturned phone calls or emails are the trademark of someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know why the bats got back in so the easiest thing for them is to just avoid you.

On the Flip Side

Hiring an expert bat removal company will benefit you in the long run. We have the proper licensing required by each state we work in, we have a crazy expensive (but very good) insurance plan to protect you and us, and you will always be able to get in touch with us.

We openly publish multiple phone numbers for our company, we provide customers with individual technicians phone numbers, and we have a way to email me (the owner of the whole company) straight from our website. And yes, that email really does go to me. I may not always be the one your response comes from, but trust me I see it and address it.

Let me leave you with an analogy. Let’s say you go to the doctor. You’re sick, really sick. This doctor is the top doctor in the country for what you’re sick with. He says, “Yes, I can take care of your problem, have you well within two weeks, and I will charge you $10,000 to do so.”

You go for a second opinion. This doctor has little to no experience with your particular ailment but they have lots of experience in other medical issues. This doctor says, “I’m pretty sure I can take care of your problem, you’ll be well in 3 days, and I will charge you $1,000.”

Which doctor would you choose? Your health is important. I’m willing to bet you would pay a little more for a doctor with experience and knowledge.

Your home is one of, if not the largest, financial responsibilities you will ever undertake. Don’t pay for someone’s education by letting them learn a lesson on your home. Have one of our experts call you.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski


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