If you have had  recent sightings or repeated or annual bat activity in or around your property, it is very likely that a colony has decided to make your house their home. In other words, you have a bat infestation! While bats are very underappreciated for their contribution to a healthy biosphere, nobody appreciates them invading our home or office. That’s where we come in! We are THE bat remediation specialist for Orange County, New York.

We are experienced specialists that offer a thorough and permanent exclusion of the bat colony that is infesting your private home or commercial property.

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Our operations are located in Warwick, New York, but we provide professional bat removal along with courteous and confidential service throughout the entire Hudson Valley area of New York including Poughkeepsie, Fairfield, Carmel Hamlet, Lake Carmel, Mahopac, Brewster, Harrison, Port Chester, Bedford Hills, Katonah, Yorktown Heights, Tarrytown, Dutchess, Fairfield, Putnam and Westchester, Ulster, Putnam and Rockland counties and White Plains. We specialize in slate roof projects for our clients in Tuxedo Park and Scarsdale, and are happy to travel to New York City or Long Island when requested. We have also performed many successful exclusions in New Jersey, including Bergen and Passaic Counties.

Our technicians are:

  • Professional
  • Polite
  • Discrete
  • Non-invasive
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Our Services

Bat Proofing

This service involves sealing the structures on your property against re-infestation. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that these critters only need a  ¾” opening in order to re-enter their building.

Guano Clean-up

If you have had a bat problem for any length of time, you may also have a guano problem. Aside from being grotesque, guano can also be hazardous. It is best to perform a thorough and comprehensive sanitizing of any and all structures that have been contaminated with guano.

Remediation of Contaminated Air

Histoplasmosis is a common risk associated with bat guano accumulation. It is a lung infection that behaves somewhat like pneumonia, which can spread into the bloodstream and potentially cause a generalized infection. If it sounds nasty, that’s because it is, and it can even be deadly for certain high-risk individuals.

The good news, we are equipped to perform the necessary testing and remediation to remove these threatening spores from your home or office!


Bats and bat guano can cause tremendous damage to various structures of your home. As licensed contractors, we are in a unique position to offer “one-stop-shopping” to our customers, in that we can both eliminate your bat problem and restore the damage caused by the infesting colony at the same time – both of which are typically covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Speaking of insurance…

Homeowners Insurance Assistance

No matter the value of our service estimate, we can help you maximize the insurance benefits you have a right to.

Documentation & Reporting

We have many large corporate clients (i.e. hospitals, universities, industrial complexes, big-box chains, retail chains, large apartments, public utilities, public libraries, and more) that need to maintain precise records of the maintenance services performed. We provide detailed and up-to-the-minute reports upon request.

For a more complete picture of the risks to your person or property that can result from a bat infestation, see our eBook or FAQ’s.

How much does it cost for Bat Exclusion in Warwick?

The simple truth is that bat exclusion can be expensive. You may be able to find cut-rate pest control services that will offer lower prices. The difference between them and us is that bats are all we do and, we don’t play games with our pricing. We can’t promise you that we will be the cheapest, but what we can promise is to offer a professional service by courteous and conscientious technicians, and then stand behind the work we perform.

We are committed to 100% elimination of your bat problem, and we have the technical expertise and the local knowledge to deliver on that commitment. Of course, bats are wild animals and are very persistent; they have a strong instinct to return to their roosts and even return to breed where they were born, so they can be resistant to even the best exclusion techniques. That is why we offer a minimum 1-year warranty against re-infestation.

In order to determine the value of our service for your particular case, we will perform a comprehensive inspection of all potentially infested structures on your property. Based on our analysis (which has a cost of $295.00), we will provide a customized solution designed to completely and permanently resolve your specific issue. Should you decide to contract our services, we will deduct the value of this initial inspection from your overall cost.

We don’t believe in hidden fees, or any other monkey business when it comes to our pricing, so before any work is done we will provide you with an estimate of your total cost (before insurance). It will be a comprehensive estimate, but it will also be easy to understand. Plus, we will be with you from start to finish to help you understand what the specific charges are and why they are necessary. We’ll even be there with you to help process any insurance payments that will help lower your overall expense.

For your information, here is a short list of some of the factors that can affect the cost of your bat removal:

  • The size of your home or commercial building – not only does a larger building typically require more hours of work, but they also can be harder to access and therefore may necessitate specialized equipment to perform the exclusion in a manner that is safe for your property and our technicians
  • The general condition of your structure – in order to prevent re-infestation once the bats are out, it is an absolute must to seal every hole or opening (even tiny ones) that a bat can squeeze into. This step can become more costly if there is deterioration of the structural elements of your home or building.
  • Insurance coverage – not all policies provide the same coverage but our insurance department will help you maximize your benefits
  • Service package – because every job is different, the cost can vary based on the types of services we are recommending in order to provide a thorough exclusion.
  • Exterior materials – proper exclusion requires sealing every potential entry point or hiding spot (bats can enter through ½” diameter hole), so our fees can vary based on the construction type of your building’s exterior.
  • Accessibility – our fee structure takes into account the ease of access to all treatable areas. If more time or certain equipment is this will be taken into consideration when determining a final cost.
  • Roof – as with exterior material types, there are certain types of roofing that are simply going to be more expensive to work on, due to the extensive labor and/or use of special equipment required.
  • Reputation management – if absolute discretion is required (i.e. many food service or hotel chains find it undesirable for their clientele to know that they have bats on the premises), we can provide that!
  • Infestation type – the longer the bats have called your house home, the more difficult it can be to thoroughly and permanently exclude them.

No additional cost for these valuable services:

  • Thorough job documentation/reporting for your records
  • Discrete, non-invasive professional, courteous technicians

HELP!!! There’s a bat in my house right now!

What do you do when you have a bat emergency? We have provided a step by step guide of how to proceed when you observe a bat in or around your property…click here.

Bats are actually a critical part of our ecosystem, and many are federally protected as endangered or threatened species, so please DO NOT attempt to kill the bat – you could be harming the environment and/or breaking the law. Your best option to safely, permanently and nonlethally eliminate your bat problem is by calling us immediately. Why? Because bat removal is all we do! Our team of highly trained operatives will permanently get rid of the bats and their roosts.

You can rely on our years of expertise and our local knowledge to get the job done right. Although we are a national company, we have a commitment to protecting our local reputation as the best in the business. So, whether it’s an individual family home or large commercial property, we have the solution for you. Call today, and let us help you get the bats out!

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