As local residents, our technicians are concerned for the well-being of fellow Vistans and their property. That is why we strive to deliver, not only the results you expect to keep your loved ones and property bat-free, but also the professional customer service and congeniality that will have you recommending us to your neighbors.

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We have been able to provide a permanent solution for our residential and commercial customers. No job is too large or small. Our clientele includes individual homeowners, private and corporate apartment complexes, hospitals, universities, large industrial facilities, national chain stores, retail warehousing facilities, public works buildings (Utilities & Libraries, etc.), and more!

For more on the risk that bats can pose to your health and home, see our eBook or FAQ’s.

What is the Cost of a Bat Exclusion in Vista?

We approach every bat infestation as if it were our own family, home or commercial property that we are tasked with protecting. It is a commission that we take seriously because we know that having bats in your house can feel like something out of a horror movie. That is why our #1 priority is always 100% removal along with comprehensive prevention measures. So, you can rest assured that your bat problem will be eliminated and you won’t be seeing a sequel any time soon!

Our personalized approach means that there is not a one-size-fits-all price. In fact, many of our clients appreciate that our services can be billed separately, because whether it’s a large commercial office in downtown San Diego, a historic building in the gaslamp district, a vacation rental in Pacific Beach, a farm house in Escondido, or a residential property pretty much anywhere from Laguna Beach to the Tijuana border…we have a customized solution that will completely and permanently solve your bat problem!

The typical cost for an initial inspection and custom solution presentation is $295, the value of which will be deducted from the final cost. In some cases we can offer a reduced rate or even free consultation – please contact us for more details!

In addition, here are the answers to some questions frequently asked by our customers:

What can affect the cost of bat removal?

  • Size of the infested property – larger buildings and homes typically require more work and specialized equipment to complete the exclusion.
  • Insurance coverage – not all policies provide the same coverage but our insurance department will help you maximize your benefits.
  • Services performed – because every job is different, the cost can vary based on the types of services we are recommending to provide a thorough exclusion.
  • The condition of exterior surfaces – it is critical that we seal up every hole or crack that a bat could sneak into, so depending on the condition of your home this cost can vary.
  • Logistics – accessing your property or hard to reach areas of your building may require additional time or specialized equipment.
  • Roof type – certain roof materials require much more work (time & special equipment) to clean and/or bat proof.
  • Construction type – certain types of construction is easier to clean and bat-proof than others.
  • Length of infestation – the longer the bats have called your house home, the more difficult it can be to thoroughly and permanently exclude them.

What will NOT affect the cost of bat remediation?

  • Your zip code – we don’t price gouge!
  • No gimmicks or hidden fees
  • Travel time – we can travel up to 180 miles at no additional cost

Simply put, we provide expert level results with professional service and then we stand behind our work!

I have bats in my house, what do I do?

If you wake up in the middle of the night with a nocturnal pest flying around your home or attic, you should CALL US ASAP!

In the meantime, here are some points to remember []

We are bat control specialists. We understand bat colonies and how to exclude them (often called remediation or simply removal but never extermination). As a nationwide company with over 25 years experience, we are confident that we have the knowledge bank and the resources to solve any bat infestation. Plus, our local technicians are familiar with issues specific to the southern California area. That is why every project includes a warranty against re-infestation!

Aside from being bat-free, here are a few more aspects of our service that will help you sleep well at night:

  • Up-front & easy-to-read estimates
  • Job documentation & reports
  • Discretion & reputation management
  • Non-invasive & professionally trained technicians
  • Minimum 1-year warranty included*

To get rid of bats, call San Diego’s trusted bat extermination experts!

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