Name: Tim Dixon

Position: GBO technician

How long have you been working for Get Bats Out?

Only about three or four months. It all started when Michael Koski – the owner at Get Bats Out – advertised that he wanted to do a referral exchange.

Basically, there are customers who come to Get Bats Out looking for help with other types of pests like bugs, but Get Bats Out only helps with bat exclusion. So, they refer business to other pest control companies that do handle bugs or other pests, with the agreement that those same pest control companies will refer bat removal requests to Get Bats Out!

In addition to the heavy-duty bat work I do for Get Bats Out in New York, I run my own pest control business called Dixon Exterminators, which I love! In my pest control experience, I’ve dealt with pests like pigeons, foxes, feral cats, crows, insects, and of course, bats.

Get Bats Out teams up with Tim at Dixon Exterminators

What’s your prior experience in this industry?

Well, I got a degree in horticulture first of all. I started out in the lawn and tree care business, but along the way, I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to the manage the pest control for the United States Military Academy at Westpoint, which included all inside and outside pests.

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance! It was nice to move to a less physically-demanding job, and it was definitely a step up as well.

What’s really interesting is that I was the one on the team who really knew lawn and tree care, and that actually is a huge part of pest control. The reason is, lots of pests are found in grass and trees, and you can’t spray pesticides that kill pests if those pesticides would also kill the lawn or trees.

That company did every aspect of pest control for the Department of Defense for nine years. It was truly a fantastic company to work for. Not only did they stand for quality, but they also encouraged community involvement among its district managers. The company got bought out and I moved on, but their commitment to quality lives on in every job I do.

Where are you based, and what areas do you serve?

I’m based in New York State. I’ve actually lived in Binghamton, New York all my life (it’s about 80 miles south of Syracuse), and I love it here. My wife Debra and I share a 30-acre tract of land in Windsor.

Pest Contol in Binghampton, New York and surrounding areasTell us about your family.

I’m blessed to be married to my lovely wife of 38 years, Debra. We have three kids who all settled in the Binghamton area, and we also have five grandchildren. I was offered jobs that required me to relocate, but I chose to start my own business and work with Get Bats Out instead because family is the most important thing.

What are you thoughts on the pest control industry?

Oh, where do I start? I call myself a pro-environmental pest control guy, which sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t really.

My slogan is, “Responsible pest control solutions.” What I mean by that is, I work to minimize my use of pesticides, and I’ve worked hard to become a careful, effective, and safe applicator of chemicals when they’re necessary.

Unfortunately, much of the industry isn’t quite as conscientious. Many pest control companies have a “hose and go” mentality, where they’ll go from job to job and just hose it all down with chemicals.

Michael’s operation is different, because he actually focuses on careful inspection and bat proofing a structure to truly solve the problem, which I respect. I’m proud to be associated with all the guys at Get Bats Out.
Thanks to Tim for contributing his invaluable expertise to the Get Bats Out effort!

Your local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski

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