National Bat Week concluded at the beginning of November, but there was one story that came out of it that I feel is really worth sharing.

Anyone who follows movies knows there’s an upcoming movie called Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. What you might not know is that they were very kind to our bat friends during National Bat Week, and here’s how.

A Bat-Related Blessing

It turns out that Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, and Zack Snyder all appeared in a video for the Organization for Bat Conservation. The cast and crew contributed bat houses and took the time to talk about how valuable bats are in our ecosystem.

It’s really gratifying to see people use their celebrity clout to talk about an important issue that most people aren’t aware of.

I invite all of you to check out the video from National Bat Week and visit to learn more and contribute what you can!

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski


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