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On February 28th in Corona Towne, California, two boys between 11-12 years of age were seen handling a bat that later tested positive for rabies. 

Why the concern? Rabies is spread through a bite or even just a scratch. Sadly, if left untreated it will prove fatal, so treatment needs to be given as soon as possible after exposure. Therefore, officials are appealing to parents to help locate these boys. 

Dr. Geoffrey Leung, a public health officer for Riverside County, said “It is important that these children be seen by a health care provider because (of) the potential for a serious health issue. We ask parents and other guardians in the area to talk to their children and see if they might be the ones who handled the bat.”

Maybe you are reading this and wondering why the kids touched the animal if it was sick?

How can you tell if a bat has rabies?

The short answer is, you can’t. There are certain clues – if the bat is struggling to fly, or is moving about during the daytime – but it’s not always obvious and can only be confirmed by the results of a lab test using the bat. So, although having contact doesn’t mean you will contract this disease, the whole family must be made aware of the real dangers of contact with bats. 

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 What to do to protect your family

Kids are inquisitive by nature and find it super fun to explore and play with animals, and whilst we want them to enjoy and learn from the amazing natural world, it is important they know that not all animals are safe. Teach your children that they must not touch bats and that if they are in contact with a bat they must tell you immediately. 

If you think you or your child has been in contact with a bat, seek urgent medical attention.

And of course, if you think you may have a bat colony in your home or commercial property, get help now from a bat removal service. 

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