Homer Glen, Illinois is a popular suburb of Chicago. Many homeowners live there for the great quality of life. Most don’t live there to be exposed to rabid bats.

Unfortunately, that is what’s happening this summer. With the 5th reported case in Will County, Illinois in as many weeks, people need to take extra precautions when coming in contact with potentially rabid bats.

All five confirmed cases of rabies in Homer Glen have been bats.

Three Rabid Bat Safety Tips

There are three main things you should do if you encounter a bat.

Rabid bat in Homer Glen, IL


  1. Always assume the bat has rabies. While only 1-3% of bats actually have rabies, this is the most important safety tip. Why? Because rabies in humans in 100% fatal. While there are not many reported deaths each year, it is a preventable disease that is not pleasant to die from. Err on the side of caution.
  2. Never handle the bat with your bare hands. Even if the bat is dead, you can still contract rabies from a rabid bat. This can happen simply by you having an open scratch that comes in contact with fluids from the bat. If you must handle a bat use thick leather gloves to throw a bucket over it, slip a piece of cardboard under the bottom, and carry the whole thing outside. If it is dead, we recommend using thick leather gloves and a shovel to pick it up and avoid any contact with it.
  3. Catch the bat if bitten or scratched. We realize we just told you to stay away from the bats and not touch them. This step is very important though if you have been in contact with a live bat. Once caught, the bat can be taken in for rabies testing. This could save you a lot of pain (the rabies shots required if the bat can’t be tested are often painful when administered) and money (these shots are typically not covered by insurance and can run anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000).

If You Suspect Bats in Your Home

Don’t let a bat infestation get out of control. In the most recent case of rabid bats in Homer Glen, this unfortunate homeowner most likely has an infestation on his hands. We have seen homes where people ignored the problem until they couldn’t ignore them anymore. These situations were much worse, sometimes through health ramifications and sometimes through property damage caused by bats, then they needed to be.

Catching and treating a bat infestation sooner rather than later is definitely the best course of action. We are a humane bat removal company that cares deeply for bats and respect what they do for our environment. We, however, do not want to live with them in our houses, and neither should you.

Getting the bats out of your house early could mean not coming across a rabid bat in YOUR garage….

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski


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