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Rabid Bats Found in Northern Colorado


Health officials in multiple towns in northern Colorado have announced they have found three rabid bats inside and around homes in the Longmont/Lyons area. One of the bats was found inside the residence of a family of two with one cat. 

The other two occurrences were in different towns when a cat caught an infected bat, and a dog was found playing with a dead infected bat outside a home. 

a map showing locations of dead rabid bats found in colorado in 2021

Pets and Rabies


Rabies is an infectious viral disease that affects the nervous system, and is almost always fatal unless treated before any symptoms appear.

We always advise no matter what kind of cat or dog you own to make sure they are up to date with their rabies vaccinations. Some pet owners live in rural areas where rabies is more prevalent in wildlife. Others live in the city. Both need to be aware of the dangers of rabid wildlife. Bats more and more are moving into cities to find roosts as their roosting habitat is destroyed. 

“Rabies is a deadly disease if it is not treated promptly,” said Carol McInnes, Boulder County Public Health Environmental Health Specialist. So if there’s any chance that you, your child, or your pet has come in contact with a bat, contact your local public health department asap. 

rabies vaccination being administered to a dog by a vet


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