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Rabid Bat Found in Dillon County, South Carolina – One Cat Exposed.

Unfortunately more rabid bat occurrences are happening across the USA this year. 

In the latest case from South Carolina, no people are known to have been exposed at this time. One cat was exposed and will be quarantined as required in the South Carolina Rabies Control Act.

The bat was submitted to DHEC’s laboratory for testing on October 4, 2021, and was confirmed to have rabies on October 5, 2021. 

Why does the cat have to be quarantined? Because you do not always know if your pet has been bitten or scratched by a bat since bat teeth are very small. Because of this, you should always assume your pet has been bit or scratched and take the appropriate action. We advise seeking the advice of your vet and your local animal control agency if you find your pet alone in a room with a bat (dead or alive) or if they bring a bat into the house or are found outside with a bat.

Always make sure your pet’s rabies vaccinations are up to date, rabies exposure from bats is rare but as this latest case shows, it can happen at any time.

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There have been 76 cases of rabid animals statewide this year. Since 2002, South Carolina has averaged approximately 148 positive cases a year. In 2020, one of the 168 confirmed rabies cases in South Carolina was in Dillon County.

As the above stats show rabid animal incidents in South Carolina are growing each year. 

If you have bats in your home or attic, please call to set up a free consultation. 

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