Simply put, bats are our friends! Yes, believe it or not, bats are vital to our ecosystem, and the world would be worse off without them. Of course, this doesn’t make dealing with a bat infestation in your home or business any easier. Humans and bats are not intended to co-exist within the same building, but you have now probably realized that it happens! If you have had recent sightings or repeated bat activity around your home or business, it’s likely that a bat colony is in your building, rent free! That’s where we come in, providing our specialized bat remediation services to solve your bat infestation problem.

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We operate out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, but we provide our professional bat removal services to other areas of Southern Colorado including Durango, Cortez, and Mancos, as well as areas of Northern New Mexico including Farmington, Albuquerque, Taos, and Santa Fe. Of course, not forgetting our other neighboring states of Utah and Arizona, we spread our bat expertise to bordering areas there as well. Being the Pagosa Springs locals that we are, we can appreciate the majestic mountainous surrounds and world-famous hot springs and so of course, we understand that you would much rather be taking in all that the area has to offer than dealing with a bunch of pesky bats! Lucky for you, we are Pagosa Springs’ top bat exclusion experts.

I see a bat in my home right now! What do I do?

Are you ducking for cover to get away from a bat in your house right now? Click here to read our step-by-step guide on how to handle this. Convinced it might not be a one-off occurrence? Then call us immediately – Southern Colorado’s bat removal specialists. Please call 970-459-2171, or you can also click here to schedule your inspection today!

Why should you call us?

As we said, bats and humans are not meant to share a home or business. They can be dangerous, with a small percentage carrying rabies. Their guano can also cause a severe infection in humans called Histoplasmosis. On top of that bats are creatures of habit, so if an infestation is ignored the problem won’t go away on its own. It will likely only become a bigger problem, with bat colonies growing in size by an average of 30% each year! It’s safe to say; it’s best to call in the experts before they drive you batty!

Our technicians are directly employed by Get Bats Out and are trained by our experienced bat exclusion experts. So, there’s no need to deal with pest control companies that use subcontractors and having your information passing from one company to the next. Our technicians know (and love!) bats and are arguably the best in their field.

After all, that’s all we do!

We have completed hundreds of jobs dealing with situations similar to your own, so why waste your time with general pest control companies that have little to no experience with bats?

commercial bat removal technicians on ladders sealing up possible entry points

Still not convinced we are THE bat experts?

We even wrote the book on bat removal!

The ‘Complete Guide to Bat Removal’ is available to you at a reduced cost and will provide you with answers to the questions you have about your bat problem. Perhaps you want to try an exclusion first for yourself? Well, this is where you will find all of the know-how and, what’s more, it’s been written by the nation’s top bat remediation experts. It even includes bonus offers such as a $50 discount on our services and will prove invaluable should you choose to hire us or not.

complete guide to bat removal e book
guano clean up in attic

What do we do?

As Southern Colorado’s bat remediation experts we offer the following services:

  • Bat exclusion & bat-proofing (we DO NOT exterminate the bats, they are excluded using humane techniques)
  • Guano cleanup
  • Histoplasmosis testing & remediation (we are the only U.S company to offer testing)
  • Air quality testing
  • Attic restoration- Do you have bats in your attic?  
  • Homeowners’ Insurance Assistance
  • Warranties against re-infestation

How much does a professional bat exclusion cost in Southern Colorado?

We’re upfront with all of our customers in saying that a bat exclusion performed by highly trained professionals can cost more than expected. Each job is unique and final pricing depends on many factors including:

  • The building size and condition
  • The roof pitch
  • How complicated the roof line is
  • The extent of the infestation
  • Any accessibility issues and any equipment that may be required to rectify this


Bat exclusions can be dangerous! 

Our technicians often working at great heights, not to mention at the risk of encountering bats and their guano! Can you imagine standing perched atop a 40’ ladder when suddenly a bat flies into your face in a panic? That would definitely test your composure!

The first step in our process is to schedule an inspection with one of our technicians at a cost of $295. The inspection allows our technicians to thoroughly assess the situation and determine all of the factors that will ultimately dictate the final price. If you choose to use Get Bats Out to perform the bat exclusion and bat proofing on your home we deduct the $295 inspection fee from our final invoice to you.

a technician sealing cracks at roofline to prevent bats from entering

You will be provided with a detailed and easy to understand estimate outlining the proposed services and their cost. Our customer service team, based right here in Colorado, is more than happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you’re moving forward with a decision that you’re comfortable with.  

Whatever the cost may be for our services, all of our jobs are covered by our 1-year minimum warranty! We are committed to ridding your home or business of bats completely!

commercial bat removal technicians sealing roofline on a man lift

So go ahead, call 970-459-2171 or click here to schedule an inspection today!


What makes us stand out from other companies?

  • We offer unlimited FREE phone consultations regarding your bat problem and our services. Many companies want to schedule an inspection for you straight away without knowing the specifics of your situation. Perhaps you don’t actually have a bat problem? Wouldn’t you rather know before wasting your time and money on unnecessary inspections? Whether you hire us or not, we are happy to provide as much information as necessary to help you with your problem.
  • We offer complete discretion. Our technicians can remove company branding from vehicles and wear unmarked clothing upon request. We understand that knowledge of a bat infestation can be damaging to businesses and homeowners looking for discretion. Do your customers already know about the problem? Well, we also offer reputation management services as well!
  • We offer homeowners’ insurance assistance. We have dedicated insurance coordinators on hand to ensure homeowners can get as much coverage as they’re entitled to.
  • We offer air quality testing, on an as-needed basis. Having bats is one problem, but their guano can present another one. If there’s a significant accumulation of bat guano, it’s advisable to have the air tested for the Histoplasma Capsulatum fungus that causes Histoplasmosis. We have the specialized equipment on hand to perform this test and eliminate the problem.
  • We are the industry standard in bat remediation. We always honor our service agreements with our customers in a timely manner.
  • Our technicians are trained and uniquely qualified to perform the work. We are registered with NWCOA and are up to date in all bat standards certification.