I’m Rich Littlefield, and I am the Regional Manager for the Georgia area and the surrounding states. I live right here in Georgia, and I hold the Georgia Wildlife Trapping Permit as well as the Georgia Nuisance Wildlife License for Get Bats Out.

I’ve lived in Georgia for the last 14 years. Before I joined up with Get Bats Out, I gained experience working with vertical rope access techniques and man lifts for commercial building maintenance.

I also rappelled 26 stories inside the Hilton New Orleans hotel atrium to rescue a bat!

I’ve worked in the Waterproofing and Sealing Division of our company, caulking and sealing expansion joints in parking garages and commercial buildings.

As you can see, I have experience in a wide variety of skills to securely work on any building to safely remove bats.

Bat Removal in Georgia

When our clients all around Georgia call us, we’ve noticed several things they have in common. Many of them have called big pest control companies and found that they are not really that thrilled with doing bat removal work. On top of that, there is a slow response.

Other times, they call us because a “Critter Control” type of company has come out and sounded really good, describing “exit valves” and “exclusion processes.” But then, after they left, there were still bats in the house because the technicians did it the easy way – not the right way.

You Need a Bat Removal Expert

Is bat guano dangerous?I am going to be upfront with you.

Bat removal is specialized and much harder to do right than most people think.

Not only are we the best at what we do, at Get Bats Out, we are willing to go the extra mile. Once, we even flew our technicians out into a small, rural school ahead of a hurricane to honor our warranty.

Every bat removal project we do in Georgia is different. We make every effort to learn as much about your situation as possible before putting a proposal together. That’s something that not every company does, because they are afflicted with “been there, done that” syndrome. They may have experience, but in their haste to assure you they are absolutely the best choice, they don’t slow down to make sure they address all of your problems.

Because of our wide variety of experiences in bat removal, we specialize in large, complex bat removal and exclusion projects. We know how to guide you in handling difficult circumstances such as budget and PR issues.

Get Bats Out is a national company and I am your local bat removal expert in Georgia. If you are dealing with a bat problem, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

Your local Georgia bat removal expert,

Rich Littlefield


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