Bat exclusion, bat proofing and a warranty or service agreement is often very expensive. Over the years we have helped many homeowners in their efforts to solve their bat problems and get assistance from their homeowner’s insurance policy. We cannot guarantee what response your insurance company will provide – however we have had great success getting coverage for exclusion, proofing and guano clean up.

When talking to your insurance company, there are a number of “do’s and don’ts”. I HIGHLY recommend you download and read our free insurance guide, “Bat Strategies”, before calling your insurance agent. We never support efforts to commit insurance fraud, however there are a number of strategies, phrases, and hot buttons that can make or break your case with your insurance company.

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Bat removal involves sealing up the house or building at all the high points. We bat proof the roof line, chimney, siding, attic vents, and dormers. After we have sealed up the home so that bat colonies can’t get back in – we mount bat exclusion devices to permit the bats to leave at night to feed. The work is done from the roof and ladders and involves some danger. Not only are we working from heights – but we are working with wild animals.

For these and other reasons (risk of rabies & histoplasmosis drives up insurance costs and liability) – solving your bat problems and getting bats out of your home or building can be expensive!


By Michael Koski

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski
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