Animal Planet recently aired a story on bats in its popular “Infested” series on March 1, 2013. This video (shared below) entitled Imprisoned by Bats | Infested! exaggerates the danger and fear that these homeowners experienced with a bat problem.

This dramatization of the homeowner’s bat problem is almost to a point of comedy and unfortunately perpetuates some misconceptions about bats. However, this 3 minute video short also illustrates that bats can be a real nuisance when they move into your home with you (or this case move into your roof). Over time the noise, smell, and property damage will make this home impossible to sell if they don’t first of all properly and safely remove the bats. Then for bat re-infestation prevention, they must properly seal the roof.

And here is the video of the home in Florida that is briefly referenced in the story:

Safely preventing bats from choosing your home to nest is a part of the safe bat removal services that we offer. This is the kind of problem we solve for hundreds of homeowners and business owners every day of a typical year’s bat season.

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