Histoplasmosis is something that we at Get Bats Out feel like experts on. But even when you feel like an expert on a subject, there is information that comes along that can humble you.

Cause of Histoplasmosis

Histoplasmosis is caused by breathing in the spores of the histoplasma capsulatum fungus commonly found in bat droppings. As a bat removal company, this is something we have to be very aware of for safety reasons. We have spent a lot of time educating all of our staff on the dangers of histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis is also commonly found just hanging around in the soil in the Ohio River Valley and the Mississippi River Valley. It is something that almost everyone that lives in these regions has been exposed to at some point in their lives. The only difference is the degree at which it makes people ill.

Fibrosing Mediastinitis

A very rare complication of histoplasmosis is a disease called fibrosing mediastinitis. This disease basically constricts the lungs and heart to the point that people die. Luckily it is very rare but it is very unfortunate and a painful disease for those affected with it.

The link below is a question and answer session with the leading doctor in fibrosing mediastinitis research. He does a much better job of describing what happens to people sick with fibrosing mediastinitis. I encourage you to read through the information at the link below if you are concerned about bat guano or histoplasmosis in your home.


Put quite simply, living with bats in your home is just not worth the risk it poses to the health of you, your family, your friends, or anyone else that comes into your home.

Don’t wait to address a bat problem. Now is the time to act. Click the link below to get started on your journey to become bat free.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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