Bat guano is toxic

histoplasmosis creating cough

Toxic Urine Odor

pile of guano creates strong odor

Guano Stains

guano stained walls and pile of guano

Structural Damage

bat urine forms crystals and damages wood

Still not sure you need professional guano cleanup?

Bat droppings (or, guano), are known to harbor a fungus that causes a severe health problem in humans called Histoplasmosis. Bat poop cleanup must be handled properly to avoid the risk of infection. That is why we strongly advise against attempting a do-it-yourself guano solution.

Even if you think you have performed a successful DIY guano cleanup, it is still possible that the risk of Histoplasmosis infection remains. To be sure your property is safe, it is recommended to have Histoplasmosis remediation performed by experienced professionals.

Lingering odors are a common complaint after an inadequate cleanup job. That won’t happen when you hire the pros at Get Bats Out. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our professional guano cleanup service.

We use the most reliable and advanced techniques to ensure that your property is completely clean, safe, and fresh-smelling!

Fill out the quick questionnaire above and we’ll customize a solution for your unique situation.

bat technician removing guano