bat removal rope access technician on side of commercial building

Whether it’s a hospital, school, or office, you’re concerned about the health of your patients, children, and staff. Unfortunately, a bat infestation can prevent hospitals from providing care, schools, and offices from functioning and pose serious health risks, including rabies and histoplasmosis.


In addition to the health risks, your reputation could also be in danger. It only takes one person to post a photo or video online of a potential bat problem at your facility to cause damage. Get in front of this by ensuring your building is free from bats and avoid the unpleasant surprise of a viral video or news report damaging years of hard work.

Did you know that bats prefer tall buildings like schools, hospitals, and high-rise offices?


  1. Modern construction standards are just not what they used to be, and they often have numerous openings for bats to exploit.
  2. Bats prefer roosting at the highest point available. A hospital, school, or office building usually are the tallest buildings in an area.
  3. Bugs are plentiful in these areas as these buildings often have a field, trees, and stagnant water due to uneven ground, near them.

Bats can get to areas that humans cannot reach safely. So how do we deal with commercial bat removal, which often means working on high-rise buildings?



As bat removal specialists, we are trained to deal with bat removal on high-rise commercial buildings. Our technicians are rope access certified, enabling us to tackle even the most difficult to reach bat entry points and provide comprehensive commercial bat removal. Rope access allows us to do a thorough inspection of your property, ensuring that we understand precisely how bats are getting in and out. There are usually multiple entry points that need to be identified. 

two bat removal technicians using rope access to scale a large commercial building and perform bat remediation

When working at height, to complete a bat exclusion, ropes are used to gain access to and from the work position and support our technicians while there. In addition to trained technicians, on all projects requiring rope access work, we have a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) in place for OSHA compliance along with a rescue plan and a qualified person to oversee the work. We also ensure that we have proof of anchor point certification. OSHA requires that each building has anchor points, so we inspect the roof to confirm that there are sufficient anchors in place before we commence work. 

health and safety bat removal team leader

Training to qualify for rope access work is rigorous and physically demanding. We are the only bat removal company certified to perform this highly specialized and dangerous work in the world. In addition to our certification, we have the experience to back it up, having worked on several hospitals and high-rise buildings this year alone. 

Keeping a good reputation in the community is essential for hospitals, schools, and workplaces. It takes a long time to build a good reputation and only a moment to destroy it. If you’re reading this because you think you might have a bat problem, you are potentially catching it before the news does. Call us today. Our commercial bat removal experts have worked with hospitals, schools, and office facilities like yours on commercial bat removal projects, and we use the utmost discretion.

If you think you’re dealing with an infestation in your home or business, contact our customer service team on (877) 264-2287. They can answer all of your questions.

Your Local Bat Removal Expert,

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

Michael Koski

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  • Justin O Connell

    July 6, 2021 | Reply

    Michael, if Bats (pipistrelles) are sealed into an attic space, will it present other problems?

    • Tori Bruce

      July 7, 2021 | Reply

      Hello, if bats are sealed in, you will have dead animals, possible property damage, and whatever guano/urine that accumulates. The bats will get desperate to get out for food and water so you may find them in other parts of your house since they are amazing at finding any outlets. I don't know if you sealed them in, hopefully it was accidental, because they are endangered. Legally they need to be excluded not exterminated.

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