Ah, the majestic bat, to be revered for its…wait…nobody actually thinks bats are majestic do they? Or, revere them for anything? Fear them, maybe. Run screaming from them, definitely!

With the exception of a few geeked out scientists (and myself), there aren’t too many of us who actually respect bats. Most people just want them gone, ASAP! And we can’t blame you for that.

The truth is bats are majestic in their own right and are critical to our ecosystem. BUT, that doesn’t mean you want them anywhere near you, your home or your family (or your commercial property and clients, as the case may be)!

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What if I see a bat in my home right now, what should I do?

You should call us – Indiana’s bat removal specialists – immediately!

Please call 260-408-5224 or you can also click HERE to schedule your inspection today!

Why Is It Urgent to Exclude Bats From Your Property?

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One good reason is that bats can be dangerous. They can carry rabies and their guano is known to grow a fungus that can cause a serious infection in humans known as histoplasmosis. Excluding a bat colony from your property is a difficult job. We recommend hiring an expert, but we also understand that sometimes you want try yourself. Thats why we created our eBook – ‘The Complete Guide To Bat Removal’

Another good reason to call ASAP is because even just a single sighting of a bat in or around your property can signal that a colony has decided to make a roost nearby or in your home. If that is indeed what has happened, time is not your friend. The longer bats roost in any given location (and certainly if they have babies there), their instincts bond them to that place and their desire to stay becomes stronger with every passing moment. Future generations have even been known to return to their birthplace to live and breed.

Even if you are successful at getting them to flee the premises, bats will do whatever they can to return to that place every year. They instinctively view it as their home and, a colony grows about 30% every year, so it doesn’t take long for it to become an even bigger problem. That it is why it is best to take action fast, and use a true professional that will stand behind their work.

A bat removal specialist (such as Get Bats Out), can perform a thorough inspection and identify the source of the problem and explain in clear terms how to eliminate it. By “eliminate” we mean, force them to leave your building and look elsewhere for a home; lethal force should never be used against bats. It is wrong on many levels, not the least of which is that it is literally wrong according to the law – killing bats is illegal in most states including Indiana!

We understand that having bats on your property can be a perplexing situation to say the least. Call us today! We are always happy to help you figure out the next step to your bat solution, whether you decide to hire us or not!

If you decide to hire us, you can expect a thorough and permanent solution to your bat problem!

Our most frequently used services include:

  • Bat Inspection.
  • Bat Removal.
  • Bat Proofing.
  • Guano Cleanup

Services we provide on an as needed basis:

  • Histoplasmosis Testing
  • Histoplasmosis Remediation
  • Property Damage Restoration
  • Reputation Management (commercial clients)

Who should I call for bat remediation in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

You are in the right place for bat remediation and guano cleanup. Bats (and their excrement) are all we do, and we do it well! In fact, we would argue that we are the best in the state of Indiana, and we back that claim up with a minimum 1-year warranty*.

We are Indiana’s local bat removal experts!

We are based in Huntington and we do a ton of work in Fort Wayne, but we routinely travel to South Bend, Indianapolis, Lafayette and all over southern Indiana. We also frequently do jobs in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and occasionally in Western Pennsylvania – all with NO travel surcharge to our clients.

So, whether you live in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan or Western Pennsylvania you can rely on ‘Get Bats Out’.

As part of a nationwide company with offices all over the country, our technicians have been trained by this country’s leading bat removal experts and are considered top professionals in their field. We also use the most current technologies and techniques and have deep reservoir of bat knowledge and experience to draw from. So, there is no bat job, we can’t handle!

However, as long time Huntington, Indiana residents we care deeply about our fellow Hoosiers and so our primary concern is applying our local knowledge and technical expertise to help you and your family stay safe and bat-free – it’s why we do what we do.  

That is why we offer things such as “The Complete Guide to Bat Removal” at a reduced rate, and “unlimited consulting until your problem is resolved”, for free – because YOU are our priority.

bat removal ebook

It is most important to us that people are safe, whether they hire us or not. Once you sign on with us, we are with you until we have satisfied our commitment to provide a complete and permanent solution to your bat problem.

Here are some other features that are included with any contract for services:

A couple more value-added services that can be included, at NO additional charge, upon your request are:

  • Thorough Jobs Reports (digital or hard copy)
  • Photo Documentation (digital only)

How much will a professional bat exclusion cost in Fort Wayne?

Bat exclusion should be done by highly trained professionals and even routine jobs can cost more than expected. There are several reasons for this, one is that the work is fairly “high-risk”. We routinely work in the highest reaches of a building – typically on a ladder, on the roof, or even repelling from the roof in some cases. Not to mention the risk of exposure to potentially deadly diseases such as histoplasmosis & rabies.

The good news:

Homeowners insurance will likely cover a good percentage of the removal and cleanup, along with other related services that may be required.

Admittedly, the above information is not exactly a direct answer and is actually pretty vague. At this point, many people wonder why we can’t just say, “our service costs ‘this much’”, and give at least a ballpark figure.

get bats out technician bat proofing
get bats out technician ready for guano clean up

Unfortunately, estimating bat exclusion jobs can vary greatly. So, it’s very difficult to provide a standardized rate or even a ballpark figure without first performing an inspection. But, but we would like to provide at least a glimpse into what is involved in the process.

First, the initial inspection will cost $295. The value of that will be immediately deducted from your total cost upon contracting our services.

Then, there are a variety of factors that are involved in calculating the total value of your contract. Those factors will include:

  • Building size and ease (or difficulty) of access.
  • Structural properties (different building or construction types can make it either easier or harder – or more dangerous – to perform our services).
  • Structures with poor condition roof and siding materials are typically more expensive because they require more work (man hours and materials) to bat-proof, and can even be more dangerous.

On the other hand, there are some things that we do not think should affect your cost, such as:

Your neighborhood. We don’t charge extra just because you live in a nice area. We treat all of our customers the same – rich or poor, private residence or commercial property.

Pricing Gimmicks (like upselling or bait and switch). We don’t play games with our customers safety and comfort. We will quote you a fair price for a job-well-done and then we will stand behind our estimate and our work.

bat proofed home get bats out ebook

The best thing we can say about our cost is, at the end of the day, we will provide you with a complete and easy-to-understand comprehensive estimate and then, if it’s still not 100% clear, we will be there for you to answer as many questions as you may have. If there is a less expensive way to resolve your issue, we will point it out to you. I often tell people that we don’t practice hard-sell techniques. In fact, I’m happy when I can tell people that they don’t need us!

Our mission is to be your advocate from start to finish!

Please call 260-408-5224 or you can also click HERE to schedule your inspection today!

If you have a bat in your house right now

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