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Based in Colorado since 1999, we are Fort Collins’ top rated bat removal specialist. We have performed bat exclusions and trained other professionals throughout the united states, but what makes us really unique is that we have the local knowledge and expertise for the particular types of bats found here in northern colorado – that’s why we are your #1 choice for bat removal in Larimer County, and the Rocky Mountain communities of Fort Collins – Loveland Metropolitan area, Longmont, Boulder, Lyons, Estes Park, Greeley, and beyond!

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We are based in Fort Collins but happily provide our comprehensive services throughout Northern Colorado. We specialize in:

  • Bat exclusion
  • Guano clean-up
  • Bat control (a.k.a. “bat proofing”)
  • Bat damage attic restoration
  • Insurance coordination

We are also equipped to perform other vital services*, such as:

*These additional services can be vital to your health, if there is any chance that someone on your property has potentially been exposed to bat feces, or come into close contact with a bat. The good news is, some of the above mentioned services are included at no additional cost.

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We are experts not only at safely removing bats and cleaning up after them, but we also know how to keep them from returning, so your family can rest easy.

If you are worried about the cost for solving your particular bat problem, we have dedicated insurance specialists available to help coordinate arrangements with your homeowners insurance, so you get the maximum benefits from your insurance coverage!

The best part is, all of our services carry a minimum one-year warranty against re-infestation. We are so confident that we can get the bats out, the first time, that we are willing to come back out to treat re-infestations within the first year or maybe even longer in some cases.

As local residents ourselves, your health and comfort is what matters most to us. That is what our business is all about, and we know you can’t feel comfortable with bats in the house.  We strive to respond to all calls within 24 hours! Our knowledgable staff can answer your questions and address all of your concerns.

Are you worried about your clients, or other Fort Collins businesses finding out you have bats?

Our courteous and discrete service is greatly appreciated, and commented on, by many of our commercial clients. As bat professionals, we certainly appreciate the role they play in our local ecosystem, but we also know the toll they can take on our local “economic system”.

To help protect your business interests, we are always discreet! But, if this issue is a special priority for you, please just let us know and we can take further steps to ensure that the problem is solved with complete discretion.

On the other hand, if it’s too late for discretion (“the ‘bat’s’ already out of the bag”), we can help with image rehabilitation!

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Are you concerned about the cost of bat removal?

bat removal experts inspecting for bats above a drop ceiling

There are many factors that can affect the final cost of your particular bat job. Honestly, cost is a concern for almost all of our clients. Bat remediation is similar to asbestos or mold in that, properly treating it can cost more than people initially realize.

There are a couple things you can do to reduce your expense:

  1. The best thing you can do to try and keep the cost down is, do not put off getting rid of the bats. The longer they roost on your property, the stronger their instincts become to stay – the harder it will be to get rid of them and dissuade them from returning.
  2. Don’t waste time and money on do-it-yourself gimmicks, bat repellents, or wannabe internet solutions. They probably won’t work and may even cost you big-time. (For example, if you come into contact with a bat and end up contracting rabies or histoplasmosis, the financial cost will likely be in the thousands of dollars – not to mention the toll on your physical and emotional health.)
  3. Don’t waste money with average pest control services that claim they can get rid of bats. Use a bat expert.

Often, the cheapest option is not the best option. When it comes to bats, our experience has been that “you get what you pay for”. And here at ‘Get Bats Out’, what you pay for is a permanent solution to your bat problem – and that’s what you will get!

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate of what your complete solution will cost, we will need to perform a comprehensive analysis of your property, the bat infestation and any damage that has resulted. If there is a less-expensive way to get the job done, or you don’t even need our services, we will tell you.

The cost of our inspection is $295, which will immediately be credited to your final proposal, should you decide to hire us. However, even if you don’t hire us, we are happy to discuss your bat problem with you. In fact, we can even make one of our insurance coordinators available to discuss insurance coverage with you.

We are very straightforward when it comes to our work and our pricing; we don’t cut corners or employ any gimmicks. We simply do great work, and then promise to be here for you to back that up.

We take pride in being strong advocates for our clients from beginning to end. You will be fully informed of all work required and what it will cost before we start. And, we will help you get every penny you deserve from your insurance carrier.

CALL 970-541-7073 now, or click here and you’ll be bat-free in no time!

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