A bat infestation is not a problem many expect or enjoy. Bats are messy, noisy, and a known carrier of disease. Yes, bats are fantastic for the environment, but no one revels in the thought of living with them! Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the right place! As Oregon’s bat removal specialists, we will expertly work with you to solve your bat problem. Each year, our team of skilled professionals work on hundreds of bat infestation jobs just like your own. Every situation we encounter is unique, but no bat problem is too big or too complicated for us to handle.


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Based in Eugene, Oregon, we service all state areas, including the major cities of Portland, Salem, Oregon City, Bend, Medford, and Beaverton. We also offer our services to select Washington state regions, including Seattle, Vancouver, and Yakima. Oregon may be known as the ‘Beaver State,’ but perhaps a lesser-known fact is that the state is the home to 15 species of bat! So, it probably comes as no surprise that there is no shortage of bats looking for their next perfect roost. Don’t be alarmed though, that’s where we come in – your local bat remediation experts! No one wants to deal with a bunch of pesky bats when there’s plenty of hiking to be done or a Ducks game to watch! Let us take the scariness and inconvenience out of your situation so you can do what you enjoy most.

Will Bats Disappear On Their Own?

Unfortunately, no. Bats may appear to have left on their own, but it’s more than likely due to environmental factors such as a change in season when bats can migrate to warmer temperatures or go into hibernation. Bats don’t forget and will return to their roost. Left unresolved, a bat problem will continue to worsen over time. A bat colony increases in size by 30% – 50% each season, guaranteeing a more significant problem as the years progress. Calling in a professional sooner rather than later will help to avoid increased damage to your property, escalating stress, and of course, higher than needed costs to rectify the issue.

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Our Technicians

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Our locally employed, insured technicians are specially trained in bat removal by industry experts with over 20-years of experience. Unlike general pest control technicians, bats are all our technicians do – they’re the best of the best! Bat removal is not that simple, and most general pest control companies don’t know a bats’ instinctual habits to effectively treat the problem. Bats tend to return to their old roosts. Not to worry though, our warranties ensure our technicians will return again and again until your property remains bat-free. 

We can keep telling you how amazing we are, but let our customer testimonials speak for us. Check out what some of our previous clients have to say on our Better Business Bureau page.


  • Initial Inspections: For a fee of $295, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property. This inspection provides us an opportunity to accurately assess your situation and determine which of our services are required. The inspection fee will be deducted from your final invoice should you choose to use us to remove your bat colony.
  • Professional Proposals: Following your inspection, we will provide you with a professional proposal outlining the services needed and their cost. We are upfront about our pricing. There are no hidden fees.
  • Bat Exclusion: We perform live exclusions to eradicate the bats from your property. It’s the only method we use to remove bats, and they are unharmed – we DO NOT exterminate. Customized one-way devices are constructed onsite and installed, allowing bats to exit but not re-enter. 
  • Bat-Proofing: Bats don’t need much space to gain entry into a home – less than half an inch! We will work to seal all potential entry points, and not just in the affected areas – we take a whole-house approach. We use materials that blend with your home’s finishes as we understand no one wants a visual reminder of their bat infestation!
  • Bat Guano CleanupBat guano is messy! The right conditions and large accumulations can play host to the Histoplasma Capsulatum fungus that causes the disease histoplasmosis. Fortunately, our technicians are suitably equipped to remove the guano safely.
  • Histoplasmosis TestingOur technicians can test for the presence of the Histoplasma Capsulatum fungus in your home. We are the ONLY company in the US to offer this service. 
  • Attic Restoration – Bats are not considerate creatures. They will wreak havoc on your attic space, especially as a colony continues to grow. Rest assured, though; our technicians have the expertise to restore your attic to its better self for an additional fee. Sometimes the damage caused by bats is covered by homeowners’ insurance – our committed insurance coordinators are available to assist with this aspect of your bat removal project. 
  • Warranties – All of our work includes a minimum 1-year warranty against reinfestation. Just as you do, we want your home to remain bat-free!

Why Is Get Bats Out Eugene Different to Other Pest Control Companies?

  • We offer complete discretion. No one wants to boast about a bat problem – we’ll help keep your secret safe!
  • Our expertise and training are second to none. We love bats, and bats are all we do! No other company can say that they’ve seen it all with bats – we have! What’s more, we’re always continuing our training to align with the latest bat removal standards and regulations.
  • We honor our warranties. We will do what it takes to ensure your home remains bat-free. We understand the habitual, determined nature of bats and know that they will attempt to return to their old roost. We don’t treat and disappear – we will be back if needed.
  • We wrote the book on bat removal. That’s right! Our expertise is too good not to share. Have a little DIY in you? Check out all of our tips and tricks on bat remediation in the ‘Complete Guide to Bat Removal.’ It also includes a discount on our services.
  • Our prices are fair. We treat all of our customers equally and don’t price according to zip code or home value. All projects are priced based on the same factors, including but not limited to; home size & condition, the extent of the infestation, the roof pitch & its state, and any accessibility issues.
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Let’s Solve Your Bat Problem Once and For All!

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A bat problem needs addressing as soon as it’s identified. We often hear of people trying the ‘wait and see’ approach, only to have an even bigger problem! This only causes more headaches and financial hardship, not to mention increased health and safety issues. Let us do the hard work for you. Call us today to set up your initial inspection, and we’ll take it from there!


Still have some unanswered questions? Not to worry, our dedicated customer service team is on hand to respond to any queries or concerns you may have. There is no obligation, and our phone consultations are free of charge. As we’ve mentioned, we LOVE bats! We’re always happy to educate you on anything related to bats or your bat problem. 

So, please don’t delay, contact us today!


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