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For anyone with a suspected bat problem… please read.

My name is Michael Koski. I wrote The Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Bat Removal for several reasons:

  • First, an alarming number of my clients have wasted money on ineffective methods of bat exclusion.
  • Second, some jobs are simple enough that they do not require my level of service – it would be a waste of your money. Why hire a neurologist to help you with your headache?
  • Third, fewer and fewer people can afford to hire a professional Bat Exclusion Specialist in this economy.
  • Finally, I wrote this bat removal guide for my clients. An informed customer is the best kind. The ebook includes a coupon toward our services to more than cover the cost of this book. I pay my clients to read it!

Bats are not your average pest control problem.  There are no “quick-fix” traps or chemicals that work.  In most cases, your local pest control company won’t deal with bats.  Save time and money today.  Download your copy of the The Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Safe Bat Removal now.

Do not ignore the problem because bats…

  • carry diseases like Rabies and Histoplasmosis
  • cause property damage
  • carry bat bugs that can and do bite you and your family
  • increase in number with each passing season
  • leave droppings (guano) that can spread disease – even after they are gone
  • cost $1000’s to have professionally and completely removed from your home

Seriously, do you enjoy sharing your home with bats?  Are you comfortable with more and more appearances in your living space as time goes on?  Does the smell bother you yet?  How about your guests?

Bat problems never go away by themselves, and in fact get more serious with the passing of each season.

Again, my name is Michael Koski and I have been a bat exclusion professional for over 15 years. I have personally trained bat exclusion specialists in 21 states, handled massive infestations with over 5,000 bats in a single colony, and I removed 100’s of gallons of potentially dangerous guano. I am a commercial bat exclusion specialist with bat removal experience in hospitals, large industrial plants, stores, apartment complexes, power plants, malls, grocery stores, museums and schools. And now I’ve written the book on safe bat removal.

“Dear bat guys (ha). I followed the book and was able to solve my bat problem and even help a couple of neighbors. Thanks a million, a  real life saver.” ~ Bob

Whether or not you plan on doing bat removal yourself – the Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Safe Bat Removal is a key part of your solution.

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Normal Cost $70 now just $37 for a very limited time!

This Bat Removal Guide Will Keep You Safe While Saving You Time and Thousands of Dollars!

  • Methods found and sold on the Internet that will waste your time and money. You will be surprised!
    Moth balls? High frequency sound emitters? Bright lights? Loud music? Plastic snakes?
  • How to avoid rabies shots 99% of the time if or when you get bit by a bat.
    Rabies shots cost between $4,000 and $10,000 per person!
  • How to reduce the odds of all the bats coming into your living space instead of exiting the home or building.
    Ever have a bat in your bedroom? How would you feel about twenty? Or one hundred? Don’t make this mistake!
  • The three risks unique to bats exclusion.
    Stay safe! These risks are part of the reason bat exclusion is so expensive.
  • Common mistakes made during bat exclusion.
    Don’t make these mistakes if you are doing the work yourself. Don’t let the person you hire make these mistakes either! You are the one who will pay the price.
  • What to expect the night after the exclusion is performed (surprise!)
    This is worth the price of the Guide many times over!
  • How to safely clean up the guano.
    Ever hear of Histoplasmosis?
  • The five steps necessary for every exclusion project
    Do it right yourself the first time – Or arm yourself with knowledge so you can properly evaluate the person you’ve hired.

I obviously don’t know the severity of your specific situation, and you may not need our level of service. However, home owners that do need our services pay $1000’s to rid their homes of bats (my average fee for a home in decent condition ranges from $2400 to $5000 depending on the severity of the problem). If bitten by a bat, rabies shots alone can exceed $3500 per person. Depending on the size of the colony and the amount of time they have been living in the home, bat urine and guano can cause $1000’s in property damage.

Whether or not you hire me, someone else, or do the job yourself – The Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Bat Removal will save you time and money. I back that statement up with a money back guarantee (see below) AND a discount on my services that more than covers the cost of this book.

Three reasons you should purchase the Guide today:

  1. The bats are not going away. Will you have one in the house tonight?
  2. While the ebook usually sells for $70 – I am testing it at a drastically reduced price for a limited time.
  3. Post exposure rabies shots cost $4,000+ per person!
Order Now

Normal Cost $70 now just $37 for a very limited time!

No Questions Asked – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Many of my clients have already spent hundreds – if not thousands on ineffective home remedies or incompetent so-called professionals.  I guarantee The Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Safe Bat Removal will direct you to the quickest, least expensive solution to your bat problem – or your money back, no questions asked.  No, this is not a 30 or even a 60 day money back guarantee – this is a lifetime money back guarantee.  This is my profession.  I am good at what I do and I stand behind it.  I have no intention of shutting my doors anytime soon – so if you don’t agree that my book has helped you save time, money, and stress in eliminating your bat problem, simply contact me for full refund.

Most of us are not happy, or are even afraid of having bats living in our homes – and with good reason!  Sometimes unscrupulous people will prey on this fear, artificially inflating their prices.  In other cases, well meaning pest control or ‘critter control’ professionals may actually intend to eliminate your bat problem – but they don’t know how and assume it is going to be easier than it actually is.  When it comes time to contact them because the bats all came into your bedroom or are simply STILL THERE, you may find they are no longer in the bat business.  So what can you do?

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

There is no ‘simple’ or even $300 bat solution.  In fact, there is good reason why it costs thousands of dollars to exclude bats.  They are very difficult to evict once they’ve infested a home.  Even if you have no intention of using the Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Safe Bat Removal as a “do-it-yourself” guide, you will still save money by owning this book.  I have created a special section in the book to help you tell the difference between a true bat exclusion specialist and a well meaning (or otherwise) pretender.  This information combined with the information on how to avoid rabies shots, how to get your insurance company to pay for bat exclusion, how to safely clean up bat guano after the bats are going and how to identify symptoms of Histoplasmosis will pay for the cost of this book dozens of times.

Included Bonuses with your download today!

  • BONUS #1 Unlimited Consultation – until your problem is solved.  I will review digital photos, answer questions, etc.  This book includes my personal email address and the phone number to my personal assistant.
  • BONUS #2 – $40 Discount Coupon.  Should you ultimately hire us to solve your bat exclusion problem, bat proof your home, and/or clean up the guano the bats left behind – we will subtract $40 from your final invoice – making this purchase PROFITABLE (while the book is still on sale at the drastically reduced price).
  • BONUS #3 The Essential Guide to Guano Removal.  Is there a pile of guano in the attic?  When is it safe to just vacuum it up?  What are the procedures to follow and equipment needed to remove guano when it isn’t safe to just vacuum it up?
  • BONUS #4 – Histoplasmosis – Protecting Workers at Risk.  What are the symptoms of Histoplasmosis?  What is it?  Is it found in all guano?  How is Histoplasmosis diagnosed and treated?
  • BONUS #5 – Bats and Rabies – ‘Facts on the Fly’.  What is rabies and how is it transmitted?  How should potential exposure to rabid bats be treated? – This resource, published by the non profit ‘BCI’ is full of resources, facts and contact numbers for information on rabies.
  • BONUS #6 – Bat Strategies – Insurance Guide.  Reasons why your homeowner’s insurance company should pay for bat exclusion, bat proofing and guano clean up – and ethical strategies to get them to do so.
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Normal Cost $70 now just $37 for a very limited time!

The Homeowner Guide to Safe Bat Removal

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