Name: Frederick “Fred” Weiss

Position: Business Manager for Residential Projects

Where are you based and what areas do you serve?

I’m physically based in Baltimore, Maryland, but serve nationwide as part of our virtual office team. I occasionally work as a field tech, usually on larger commercial projects in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Tell us your favorite on-the-job bat removal story.

On the first commercial project (a school in Delaware) I worked on, we had just finished setting up a one way exit and three bats came out through it and flew into the woods. That was very thrilling for a “first timer” in the field. Here’s a photo of one of them:

What are your favorite things to do where you live?

Swimming, hiking and camping. We also like to visit Washington D.C. as often as possible. So much to see and do there at little or no cost like the National Zoo, the Smithsonian museums, and the Cherry Blossom Festival in springtime.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Helping people, and doing so without harming bats. A bat infestation in your home or commercial building is usually a very distressing situation, especially if the colony has been there awhile and is large. Our methodology allows us to exclude, not exterminate the bats. We simply get them to “move out” and then bat-proof the structure so they can’t re-infest. We also perform comprehensive guano cleanup and remediation.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

If I can’t pick just one, did I just fail a psych test? OK, it’s a tossup between these two:

  1. McFaul’s IronHorse Tavern
  2. Fogo de Chão Baltimore

Where would you go on a dream vacation?

Bora Bora – we are definitely beach people and love snorkeling and diving.

You’re hosting a dinner party – what are you making for dinner?

In the summertime, it would probably be a typical Maryland “crab feast” including steamed (by

me) blue crabs, hot dogs, hamburgers, steamed Maryland “silver queen” corn, various salads, etc.

What is your favorite movie? Favorite book?

Movie: Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

Book: Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Thanks to Fred for his participation! He’s a great credit to Get Bats Out and gave some great answers.

Your local bat removal expert,

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiMichael Koski


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