Brock Boldt has been with Get Bats Out for a couple years and has taken to the job because of the satisfaction he feels when he is able to help homeowners rid their house of bats.

On the Job…

His favorite aspect of the job is helping you as a homeowner, but he also enjoys learning about house structure so that he can be fast and effective in excluding bats from your property. Wherever you are in Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, if you have a bat problem, Brock can help you!

He enjoys problem solving and strategizing on the job to figure out the best way to exclude the bats from your property, taking into account the details and quirks of your house and the bats that are there.

When He’s Not Excluding Bats…

Some of Brock’s favorite things to do in Hammond, WI and the areas nearby are fishing and hunting. He dreams about going to Alaska more than any other place on the planet because of the incredible sightseeing and fly fishing (A LOT of fly fishing).

In the day-to-day, he enjoys time with family and a good steak at Texas Roadhouse. Don’t we all?!

His biggest fear is snakes. But his personal motto is “Never ever give up.” – Winston Churchill. So perhaps, even in the face of snakes, he could persevere.

get bats out technician familyAnd just for fun, I asked him if he would prefer invisibility or flight. His answer speaks to how dedicated he is to this job! He’d want flight. There is a lot of “windshield” time with being a technician as he drives from job to job so he’d want to get to your home faster, in order to start on your bat problem more quickly!

Oh, and then there was that comment about how he’d also be able to fly around on little hunting and fishing adventures….but really, it’s all about you, our bat removal client!

So if you need help getting bats out of your house and you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, chances are you will be meeting Brock soon.

Your Local Bat Removal Expert,

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiMichael Koski