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complete guide to bat removal

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BONUS #3 The Essential Guide to Guano Removal  

Is there a pile of guano in the attic?  When is it safe to just vacuum it up? What are the procedures to follow and equipment needed to remove guano when it isn’t safe to just vacuum it up? – This bonus section is dedicated specifically to guano related issues.

BONUS #4Histoplasmosis – Protecting Workers at Risk

What is Histoplasmosis? What are the symptoms? Is it found in all guano?  How is it diagnosed and treated? – This bonus section is designed to inform and protect you from potentially dangerous complications of histoplasmosis infection.

BONUS #5Bats and Rabies – ‘Facts on the Fly’  

What is rabies? How is it transmitted?  How should potential exposure to rabid bats be treated? – This bonus, published by the non-profit ‘BCI’, is full of resources, facts and contacts for more information on rabies.


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