Commercial Bat RemovalWith many years of experience in bat exclusion, we’ve accumulated references from Hospitals, Universities, Industrial sites, Big Box Retail Chains, Apartment Complexes, Public Utility Buildings, Warehouses, Libraries and more.

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Our commercial bat removal teams include man lift operators, safety personnel, and bat exclusion specialists.

We understand that each commercial client has unique needs and concerns such as:

  • Public Safety
  • Warranty
  • Legal Compliance
  • Liability
  • Professionalism
  • Worker Safety
  • Public Image
  • Experience
  • Quick Response

The most efficient way to reach the right person for your area and scope of project, is to click the button Request an Estimate on this page and fill out some information about your property.

Three Key Considerations to Every Project

  1. Safety – While it is important to not overreact to bats in the building or school, it is even more important to take steps to reduce risk that can be posed by bats in a commercial setting. Please see the articles on this website about rabies & Histoplasmosis. Educating your management and maintenance staff is a critical first step.
  2. Liability – In this litigious day and age, it is unfortunately important to give this consideration. If you are dealing with the public or with tenants, please request our article on reducing liability in a commercial setting by filling out the form to receive an estimate. Make sure you select “commercial property” to receive the report.
  3. Cost – Bat exclusion work can be very expensive. Here are three steps you can take to reduce the final cost to your company or school:

Step 1: Get educated. Post exposure rabies shots cost at least $3500 per person. 99% of the time, these shots can be avoided if the bat situation is handled correctly. Please read the article If You Have a Bat in Your House Right Now, found on our website.

Step 2: Solve the Problem. It is important to solve the problem as soon as possible. Yes it is expensive. However, the problem (and cost) will grow with time.  This happens for three reasons. First, every day the bats are leaving more urine and guano in the attic, walls or ceilings. Like a leaking roof, the property damage can eventually be catastrophic if left untreated. Second, the risk of someone needing rabies shots and/or contracting Histoplasmosis increases daily and your liability in the issue increases if you are aware of the problem and don’t act to solve it. Finally, one disgruntled or scared employee/tenant/parent can turn a bat problem into a public relations problem or worse a red tag situation from the Health Department.

Step 3: Get Assistance. Your insurance company may assist you with the costs. Before contacting them, please download and read our free guide on how to approach your insurance company for the best results in assistance. Remember, if you handle the initial phone call incorrectly with your insurance company, your odds of getting assistance are drastically reduced. You can download our comprehensive assistance tool here: Insurance Guide

We have extensive experience in the following areas. Click on your area of interest to learn more.

Hospitals, Assisted Living, Doctor’s Offices and Clinics

As you can imagine, bats, guano and bat bugs in these settings are a publicity nightmare. We are happy to respond on an emergency basis. Please keep in mind bat exclusion is usually a process. The bats likely have been living in their roost for some time. They don’t want to leave. The sooner you act, the better. We are happy to wear generic uniforms and identify ourselves as “maintenance” upon request.

We have worked with the local and state public health departments and The Joint Commission and fully understand their requirement of zero tolerance for risk in a hospital setting.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities bring some unusual challenges. Obviously the issue of safety is paramount. However, we’ve encountered many situations where parents or teachers have contacted the local health department and/or newspapers to bring tremendous pressure to bear. This can really complicate an administrators life!

Bats in schools. Get Bats Out works to protect schools and childrenIt is important in these settings to act quickly. At least get educated and start documenting the steps you are taking. Watch the video segment from the Arizona Department of Health entitled Bats at School – Rabies Prevention in our article section for some clear headed advice.

Apartment Complexes

The landlord/tenant relationship can quickly become adversarial when bats appear in people’s apartments. Bat exclusion can be expensive, and property managers and owners naturally want to keep costs as reasonable as possible.

Get Bats Out works to protect multi-tenant propertiesCutting costs when it comes to bats in apartment buildings usually leads to lost time, larger colonies of bats, and wasted money. You get what you pay for – and too good to be true prices for getting bats out will most likely be a waste of your money.

We’ve had clients finally hire us after every tenant with asthma and bronchitis started claiming they had Histoplasmosis from the bat guano in the attics. It seems like local newspapers find the story of the evil land owner irresistible.

We highly recommend you educate your maintenance staff by having them read the article If You Have a Bat in Your House Right Now. Enlist their help. A frightened or disgruntled maintenance man who has to collect a bat from someone’s bedroom can leave your tenant feeling terrified and angry at management. Whereas a calm and confident person on your team can put your tenants at ease.

As a side note – many apartment managers mistake bat bugs for bed bugs. If you are having an exceptionally difficult time getting rid of what you think are bed bugs – you might take a look in the attic.

Stores, Warehouses, Office Buildings and Government Buildings

Each of these types of projects bring unique challenges. Public Health Departments, Unions, Employee Protective Services and many other organizations often have the ability to impair business or even close your doors until you’ve solved the problem.

Get Bats Out works to protect food processing facilitiesAgain we recommend getting educated and acting immediately. Additionally, you would be wise to start documenting the steps you are taking. Start a file, keep a record of dates, incidents, companies contacted, etc. so that you can demonstrate you are acting in a good faith manner.

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