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Some may ask, is there really a difference between the commercial bat removal and residential bat removal? The answer is a firm YES, and we will show why we feel so strongly about this in the following blog. 


Let’s tackle the first difference – SIZE. 

Commercial bat removal can generally be distinguished by the size and complexity of the building or group of buildings. A residential home can be anywhere from 700 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft. Commercial structures can be anywhere up to 100,000 sq. ft. (that’s one hundred thousand square feet). A general pest control company may be able to handle a small infestation in a residential home. Still, it would struggle with a commercial property because of the size and the following reasons. 

A large commercial building complex

Construction types 

Most residential homes fall into a small number of construction styles and types, making it easier to understand where the bats may be hiding in their roosts. With commercial structures, this is not the case. Many different construction types, materials, and styles may have been used during the construction. This can cause a real headache for a general pest control company with little experience in these construction types. Some companies are surprised to find that the materials they use to perform bat remediation on residential homes are incompatible with commercial building types.


The exterior of residential homes is accessed via a ladder, and sometimes a man lift. With commercial structures, This is not the case. Sometimes we have to access the exterior with cage systems that have been preinstalled on the roof of the building for maintenance, or we have to set up our own system. We are the only bat removal company in the USA with licensed rope access technicians. This allows us to inspect and remediate bat issues in all areas of a commercial structure, no matter how tall or complex the landscape is. No other pest control company is licensed for this kind of access. 

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There is a big difference in the insurance needed for commercial bat removal. The heights are more considerable, the dangers greater. Residential bat removal insurance is not guaranteed to cover a commercial bat removal project. As the building owner, this could leave you liable in the event of an accident if your pest control contractor did not have the correct insurance. This is especially true if your building is in a city where OSHA is present. 


Another difference between the two types of bat removal projects comes down to technicians. Does your general pest control company train its technicians on commercial structure types? Are they trained to operate cage systems or other exterior access systems safely? Do they have the workforce to mitigate the bat issue properly? Do the technicians have experience working on large bat removal projects? Are they going to accidentally make the situation worse for you and your staff and customers?

Commercial bat removal technicians on lift

PR and Discretion practices 

When working on a residential home, it is doubtful that a reporter or neighbor will show up wanting to know what is happening. And even if they did, it would not adversely affect the homeowner. This is not the case with commercial projects. One negative news report or a worker or customer posting a video of bats flying about inside on social media can hurt your business. This can then be made worse if the issue is not resolved rapidly. We train all technicians to be ready for and interact, when needed, with workers or customers discreetly and safely in a way that does not put your business at risk from negative publicity. We also offer ongoing consultations and work with our commercial clients to make sure they have all the knowledge needed to address any questions from staff, clients, or media if required. An example of this is the following question many workers have when faced with bats in their work area –  when would it be necessary for a worker or client to receive a rabies shot? We make sure we are 100% available to consult and coach your management teams to respond correctly to these questions and many more.


Bat warranties on residential homes are relatively basic. They usually state that if bats reenter the house during the said period, the company will come back out and fix the issue. Commercial warranties are more complicated. It can be challenging on a large structure to find where the bats are re-entering and can be costly to send technicians out to try and find the issue. In addition, many pest control companies are inexperienced with this kind of warranty. So how can you confirm that the company you choose to remove bats from your buildings will honor their warranty and return if needed? One word – References. They should have a list of similar commercial references for you to contact. Beware if they are uncomfortable sharing references or do not have any. Finding a new bat control company because the original company did not honor its warranty can be just as expensive as hiring the first company, if not more so.

We hope this information has shown the importance of hiring a bat control company with experience in commercial bat removal.  Let us know if you would like to speak to one of our customer service reps or directly reach out to our company president. 

Your Local Bat Removal Specialist,

Michael Koski

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

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