We are a thriving, nationwide company operating in 43 states, but Carbondale is our home. We have been Roaring Fork Valley’s leading bat removal specialist since 1999. As such, we value our reputation and we know you value yours as well. Whether a private residence or commercial business – our local customers value the effective, courteous and discrete service that has been the hallmark of our success.

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For bat remediation services throughout the Roaring Fork valley and surrounding areas – including Aspen, Eagle, Vail, Grand Junction, Rifle, Avon, Breckenridge, and Gypsum – we offer:

Get Bats Out Carbondale 
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If you would like more information on the dangers to your property and health risks to your customers or family members that can accompany an untreated bat infestation, see our eBook or FAQ’s.

What will I pay for Bat Exclusion services in Carbondale?

We learned early on that every infestation is unique. That is why we create a customized solution for each client. Typically, we charge $250 for our initial inspection and customized solution analysis (which is subsequently included in the overall solution package appraisal, should you decide to contract our services). However, in some cases we can offer a lower inspection cost, or even free – please call to find out if you qualify.

Bat exclusion is not cheap! BUT…with us…what you see is what you get; you will be provided with an easy to understand up-front estimate before any work is done and you will not be hit with any hidden fees or bait-and-switch gimmicks.

In addition, each exclusion we perform is done as if it were for a close friend or family member. In what way? Well, it has been observed that some less reputable pest control outfits can end up being more of a pest than the actual vermin they are hired to get rid of! On the contrary, we will always respect your privacy, property and possessions while completely eliminating your bat infestation in a courteous and professional manner – saving you unnecessary grief and expense from a careless or unprofessional service.

Would you like more information on our pricing? Here is some additional information you might find helpful…

What factors contribute to the overall cost of bat remediation?

  • Overall size and height of the house or building (we need to bat proof everything).
  • Overall condition of the roof, soffits, fascia and siding (we need to seal up every nook and cranny).
  • Difficulty of access (landscaping, roof pitch, etc…).
  • Type of roof (i.e. asphalt shingles are easy – concrete or Spanish tile roofs provide hundreds openings for bats).
  • Type of construction (Log homes are much more complicated to bat-proof than brick or stucco dwellings).
  • How long the bats have been living there (average lifespan of bats in Colorado is approximately 30 years. Bats have a strong instinct to give birth where they were born).

Insurance coverage – our insurance assistance department can help you maximize any Insurance policy you have to help lower your cost!

Should I expect to pay more for bat exclusion services because I live in Aspen?

The truth is, excluding bat colonies and the related cleanup & restoration typically requires a substantial investment no matter where you live! So, we don’t make a “low-price guarantee” or cut corners, nor do we penalize our customers for living in a prestigious zip code. We simply promise to provide a permanent solution to your problem and then stand behind our work!
As we stated at the outset, we value our reputation (especially as it pertains to pricing), which has been built on the following criteria:
  • NO upselling or bait-and-switch
  • NO price gouging (you won’t pay more just because you live in Aspen)
  • NO hidden fees (we provide clear, easy-to-read upfront estimates)
  • NO additional cost for travel time – we will go up to 180 miles at no additional cost!

We can provide a permanent solution for any residential or commercial bat problem, large or small – our clients range from private homeowners to Hospitals, Universities, Industrial facilities, Big Box Chains, Apartment Complexes, Retail Warehouses, Public buildings like Utilities & Libraries, and more.

Wherever your home or business is located in the Roaring Fork Valley – or nearby towns such as Eagle, Vail, Grand Junction, Rifle, Avon, Breckenridge or Gypsum – we are confident that you will be thrilled with both the experience and the end result of our services.

In addition to being completely bat-free, of course, allow us to highlight a few things that many of our customers routinely comment on and appreciate about our service:

  • Easy-to-read estimates
  • Up-front pricing
  • Thorough job documentation/reporting for you records
  • Discrete, non-invasive approach
  • Reputation management services
  • Courteous & professional technicians

How do I get rid of bats in my house?

We do NOT recommend the “catch-him-daddy” approach …

If you have a bat in your home or office right now, then it is VERY likely that you have a colony infestation. WE CAN HELP!

Call us immediately and read this article: Bat In My House.

Although we appreciate the critical role that bats play in the overall bio-sphere, they certainly don’t belong in YOUR bio-sphere.

We are experts at getting bats out – it’s all we do. Plus, we have the LOCAL knowledge and experience that makes us confident that our solution and service will knock your socks off. However, if for some reason we don’t achieve 100% removal and prevention, you can still rest assured that your investment with us is worthwhile – we offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all bat control services.*

If you have a bat in your house right now

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