Mississippi is known for many things – the Mississippi River, Mississippi mud pie, blue crab and for the music fans, Elvis Presley! Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that the Magnolia State is also home to 15 different species of bats. These fantastic creatures work their nocturnal magic providing free pest control services. Did you know that they can consume approximately 1000 insects per hour? That’s great for Mississippi farmers and residents alike! What we don’t want, though, is for bats to take up residence in your home or business, but it happens! That’s where we come in – your Mississippi bat remediation experts!

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We run our operations from Brandon, Mississippi, but we offer our professional bat removal services to many areas of the state. This includes Jackson & surrounding areas, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Vicksburg, Natchez, Columbus, and Tupelo. We also service   in our neighboring states of Alabama, Louisiana & Arkansas. This includes the Alabama city of Tuscaloosa, the Louisiana cities of Monroe, Alexandria, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, as well as the Arkansas cities of Pine Bluff and Little Rock. We know that you don’t have time to deal with an unwanted bat infestation, so, what are you waiting for?

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What Services do we offer?

Inspections and Written Proposals

We conduct an initial inspection of your property to correctly determine which of our services (and to what extent) will best resolve your bat problem. There is a $295 fee that is deducted from the final cost should you choose to employ us to solve your bat problem. Following this inspection, we prepare and send you a proposal itemizing the services needed and their cost.   Customers nationwide are extremely satisfied with our service which may help to explain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (accredited since 2014). Read what other customers have to say about us by clicking here.

Bat Exclusions

A bat exclusion is performed using customized one-way devices to ensure all bats exit your building. These devices are removed once it’s confirmed the bats are out. We perform live exclusions; we DO NOT exterminate bats as it is illegal in many states and unethical!

 Bat Proofing

Bats don’t need a big space to squeeze themselves into your building, less than an inch in fact! We seal all potential entry points to keep your property bat free! Of course, we make sure that our work blends in with the finish of the building. We don’t want you to be constantly reminded of our visit after all!

Guano Cleanup

The guano (or poop) left behind by bats can create a headache of its own. Bat guano is a host for the histoplasma capsulatum fungus that causes the disease histoplasmosis. Luckily, our guano remediation experts have the necessary protective equipment and knowledge to handle any guano accumulation – big or small!

Histoplasmosis Testing

Our bat technicians are equipped to perform the necessary testing to determine if the fungus causing histoplasmosis is present in your home or business. We are the ONLY company in the US to offer this service. Never heard of histoplasmosis? Read more about the disease and the dangers of bat guano by clicking here.

Attic Restoration

Bats love attics! Unfortunately, the bats and their guano can cause some serious damage. We can restore your attic to its original self for an additional cost, including the replacement of insulation. We have dedicated insurance coordinators on hand to assist customers to maximize the benefits of their homeowners’ insurance  with this aspect of the job. Reversing the damaging effects of bat guano is sometimes covered by homeowners’ insurance, so with the high premiums often paid for coverage, why not try to recoup some of the cost?

Warranties Against Reinfestation

That’s right! All of our work is supported by a 1-year minimum service agreement against reinfestation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have over 20 years’ experience in bat remediation and perform all of our work to industry standards. We are the best of the best!
  • Our technicians are highly trained by industry experts. Bats are all they do. So, no need to deal with any general pest control companies that have little to no experience with bats!
  • We offer discretion. Knowledge of a bat infestation can be detrimental to businesses. We can remove our branding from vehicles and clothing when performing our services, and we also have experience in reputation management.
  • We honor our service agreements. Our reputation is on the line too! We will respond to any service calls promptly to ensure your expectations are met.
  • We wrote the book on bat removal. Compiled by the nation’s top bat remediation experts, the ‘Complete Guide to Bat Removal is available to you at a great rate. Have all of your questions answered, and it even provides a guide if you want to attempt a bat exclusion on your own. It also includes the direct contact details of the author, so you have access to unlimited consultations until your problem is solved.

What is the cost to remove bats in Mississippi?

We’re straight forward in saying that professional bat exclusion and proofing services are not cheap. Each infestation is unique, and the total cost depends on a few things:

  • The size of the building & its condition
  • How long the bats have been there & the extent of the infestation
  • Any accessibility issues encountered by our technicians & the equipment needed to overcome this
  • The complexity of the roof & its pitch

What does not affect the total cost?

  • Your zip code: your location does not determine the price. Every potential job is assessed based on the above factors, not the area that you reside or your property’s value.
  • Travel time: our technicians will travel up to 180 miles at no cost to you.

what else can we tell you?

We love bats, but we understand that they are not meant to coexist in the same building with humans. We take every customer’s concerns seriously. We know the terrible reputation that bats carry with them and that you want them OUT, and FAST! Our customer service team is on hand to happily answer any questions you may have about your situation. Did we mention this is a free service? That’s right; customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

Having a bat in your home or business MAY be a one-off occurrence, but it is likely a sign of a more significant problem. Bats are creatures of habit and return to the same roost year after year, with colonies increasing in size each time. Don’t ignore the problem; deal with it immediately before it causes more headaches and unnecessary expense!

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