Michigan is home to some pretty great businesses and sports teams. It is also home to several species of bat – 9 to be precise.

Now, while we may like bats and appreciate their role in our environment, they don’t necessarily belong in your home or business.

So, we understand that when you call Get Bats Out, it’s because you want a professional and permanent solution to your bat problem – and that’s what we deliver!

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We are Michigan’s top choice for bat removal and guano clean up!

Most of our bat jobs are done in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Birmingham, Macomb, Washington, Romeo, Ann Arbor, or East Lansing, Michigan – so, if you live in any of these areas, consider us your local bat experts.

We also have done work all over Oakland, Livingston and Macomb counties, and we will even travel anywhere in Michigan at NO additional cost!

Speaking of cost, you may be wondering…

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What would I pay for bat removal in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

Bat exclusion (as it is more accurately called), can cost more than expected. But, there is very good reason for this. Actually, there are many reasons for this, but one of the most important ones is that they are dangerous!

  • Bats are known to carry rabies, and their guano is known to have a fungus that can cause histoplasmosis – both of which can be deadly, if not treated properly.
  • Even if you are willing to brave the health risks, there is still the matter of the work itself. It typically requires a lot of time on very tall ladders and on the roof, or perhaps even hanging from a roof to access the eves.


bat proofing a commercial building on a man lift

In addition to being dangerous, the work we do is simply difficult to do well and accomplish the end result you are looking for, which is to get the bats out!

So many of our clients have lamented the time and money they have wasted on DIY bat repellant or bat control techniques they found on the internet that simply don’t work. In some cases, as if to add insult to injury, they have even inadvertently caused damage to their own property.


The solutions we provide are professional and permanent! Plus, we back all of our removal and clean-up services with a minimum 1-year warranty.

In order to provide you with a cost estimate for your particular situation, we will need to begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your home or business, which can often be provided for FREE depending on the distance and seasonal timing (we will let you know if there will be a fee and how much, when you schedule the inspection with us). However, even if there is an inspection fee, it will be immediately deducted from the value of the total contract should you decide to hire us.

In addition, we offer NO GIMMICKS pricing. That is to say, we don’t practice hard-selling, bait-and-switch or upselling techniques. In fact, if there is a cheaper way to handle your problem, or if you don’t need us at all, we will be the first to tell you.

Our mission is to be a partner and advocate for the health and safety of our ‘Great Lakes State’ neighbors. That starts with fair pricing and continues beyond the completion of the job, because we stand behind every job we do.

When it comes to pricing here is a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • A clear and accurate estimate
  • No hidden cost
  • No nickel and diming
  • No gouging or gimmicks
  • No charge for travel time
  • Unlimited FREE phone consultation (before and after the job)
  • Minimum 1-year warranty on all removal & cleanup services

We have insurance coordinators ready to assist you in getting the maximum benefit from your homeowner’s policy!

What if I have a bat in my house right now - what should I do?

That’s where we come in! We provide a permanent solution to your bat problem. If you see a bat in your house or suspect you have bats in your attic or walls based on the sounds and smells coming from there – whatever the case may be – call us immediately! If you are waiting for a call back from one of our qualified customer service reps click HERE to follow the recommended guidelines for when you find a bat in your home.

get bats out customer service

We can usually respond to your request within 12 hrs, depending on how much bat activity there is we can sometimes offer an immediate phone consultation

Call us day or night at 248-295-4142 or click HERE to schedule an inspection.

You can also click HERE to read our helpful guide.

What does bat remediation involve?

Here is a list of our different services and a brief description of what they involve:

Bat Remediation

This involves both the immediate exclusion of the bats from the property, as well as the bat-proofing required to keep them from reclaiming your structure as their home.

Guano Clean-up

This requires using special equipment and techniques for removal of bat excrement, while protecting the inhabitants (and ourselves) from contracting a potentially deadly infection called histoplasmosis.


In some cases, there may be reason to believe that the inhabitants of the structure are at risk for contracting histoplasmosis. We can test the air to see if this is indeed a concern. If so, we have equipment that can eliminate this hazard.

Bat Proofing

If you live in an area where bats are common, or perhaps your neighbors have had the winged intruders invade their home, we can take measures on your property to prevent bats from entering your home before you have a bat problem!


If the bats, their guano – or failed do-it-yourself attempts to get rid of bats – have left you with property damage, we can repair the damage! And, we will do so in such a way so that the bats will not be able to re-enter your structure.

Call us day or night at 248-295-4142 or click HERE to schedule an inspection.

If you have a bat in your house right now

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