I’ve learned quite a bit about bats over the years. They are the only flying mammal. They nurse their pups.
And their roosting behavior is fascinating!

On the Numbers

In the case of Big Brown Bats, normal gestation takes 60 days. It takes about 2 years before a pup is ready to breed.

Every year, female bats give birth to either one or two pups in summer and stay in their roost through September. The normal lifespan for a Large Brown Bat is about 30 years.

Are you adding up those numbers? Each female bat will conceive between 28-56 pups in her lifetime. That’s a lot of bats!

But, there is a catch!

Bats bear the instinct to raise their pups in the same roost that they were raised. They are extreme homebodies!

Even if they migrate thousands of miles during the winter, they will find the exactly same house to roost in and raise their pups, year after year. And those pups continue this tradition.

You could say elderly bats don’t experience empty nest syndrome!

What does that mean for homeowners with a bat infestation?

Sealing your home after one season may not be enough. In some extreme cases it could take up to 5 years of vigilance from the homeowner to fully rid a home with a long history of bat infestation.

There are potentially generations of bats that we are excluding from your home. And they really like their home!

If you like your home too and don’t want to share anymore, give us a call. We can help!

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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