Last week, we covered the timely dilemma of schools trying to get rid of bats that are dwelling in their walls and ceilings just as school is getting back into session.

We briefly mentioned the fact that some schools designate someone on their staff – usually a cleaning or maintenance person – as the resident “batman.” In other words, one person is tasked with removing bats as they are discovered.

This isn’t just a phenomenon in schools, either. You’ll also see this occur in hospitals, and sometimes even in warehouses or apartment complexes! As long as management doesn’t view the bats as an imminent threat, they leave it up to someone to simply remove them as they pop up.

Safety Tips for Bat Removal

Before we continue with why it’s a doomed effort to remove bats this way, let’s first touch on some key safety tips for removal.

If you happen to be the “batman” for your organization, you simply must use leather gloves when you handle them, or risk exposure to rabies and other harmful diseases!

You also should get educated about the bat problem. Note that simply removing a bat doesn’t mean that’s it and other bats can’t find their way back in. Also, consider the fact that even if the bats are long gone, the guano and urine in your walls are not.

What to Do About It

The real point of this post isn’t to teach you how to be a better “batman,” but instead it’s about the importance of getting help from professionals. Unless you’re a trained expert, bats represent a problem you can’t overcome.

As we alluded last week, the problem will keep growing, as bats reproduce and lead to the accumulation of more droppings and urine. Even if you remove bats aggressively, the problem doesn’t go away.

Here’s an example. One client we had was the principal of a school. On a fateful evening, he was watching the news and saw a clip of a bat flying around his school’s gym – right there on the local news. The reporter thought it was cute and funny, but parents didn’t have the same sense of humor about it. It created a lot of headaches for the principal after that problem got out of hand.

Public Relations

In addition to the fact that if you let it go, it’ll get more and more expensive to fix the problem, you also have to contend with the possibility of a PR disaster like the school principal faced.

When someone inevitably encounters the bat, can’t work because of the smell of guano, or gets hurt, you’ll have accusations of negligence to deal with, on top of the bat problem!

Take our word for it: the best plan is to get professional help when removing the bats, as soon as there’s an inkling of a problem. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

Hang up that cowl, “batman,” and give us a call!

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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