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Monday morning comes around. As an employee, you are bummed the weekend is over and it’s back to the grind. So, imagine your poor Monday morning attitude about checking back into reality turning into terror when you walk into your office and find a bat hanging from the window… 

Bats in the workplace are frightening for anyone. Even us that work at Get Bats Out have been startled more than once by them. I couldn’t imagine finding one hanging out in my house let alone my office space where I would have little to no control over the situation. 

This scenario is scary for an employee. This scenario should be even scarier for a business owner. 

Employee Rights

In much of the United States, there is a “right to work” clause in employment laws. Even in these states, employees have the right to feel safe at work. Having bats in the workplace definitely doesn’t make one feel safe. 

Here is a quick list of our best suggestions for how to handle this situation as an employee:

  • Safety first – Don’t touch the bat without thick gloves, a net, or some other means of capturing it. No matter what a manager or supervisor may tell you.
A bat hangs from the ceiling
  • Don’t let it go – If you come into contact with the bat, capture it if possible. Having the bat tested for rabies is very important in this situation. Call animal control to have the bat collected and tested.
  • If no contact has been made – You can open doors and windows to try and get the bat to fly out.
  • Document whatever possible – Take pictures or video, make yourself detailed notes on the situation, notify your management in writing (preferably email), and if you end up calling animal control, document who you spoke with and the information they provide you.
  • Discuss with management what their plan is going forward – Are they getting an inspection to make sure there isn’t an infestation? Are they changing security procedures for open doors or windows?

While we know this situation can be intimidating for someone who has never dealt with bats in the workplace before, stay calm and reasonable.

woman talking to her boss about bat problem

Your manager is likely doing their best and is probably overwhelmed by the situation since they’ve never dealt with it either.

If you aren’t getting anywhere with management, you have further actions that can be taken. But be patient and give them a chance to handle it first.

Should you find yourself stuck with a bat infestation in the office and no resolution in sight, contact our commercial bat removal department for some next steps you can take.

Don’t Let Bats in the Workplace Overwhelm You

There is always a solution to every problem in life. Bats in the workplace are no exception. 

If you are an employee having a difficult time addressing this issue with your management, feel free to give us a call. We’re bat removal experts and have helped all kinds of businesses from a couple employees to being internationally known with hundreds of thousands of employees with bat infestations. 

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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