As a nationwide expert bat removal company, we have to meet stringent requirements from the federal level and from individual states in order to do our work. Texas is one of a few states that have more requirements than most and has many features unique to it and the bat population that lives there.

What Makes Bats In Texas Unique

There are three main things that we have come across that make Texas very unique when dealings with bats.

1 – The many resources available to residents – The state of Texas has recognized with a large bat population that information is key. Combine that with the many Universities found in Texas and there is a wealth of information to be found online. These are just a few resources that we have found to be good and reliable.

2 – The unique laws to protect the public – The Texas Department of State Health Services is very on the ball. They respond promptly and efficiently to reported bat encounters and care about the public’s safety. Check out this story about a recent bat bite of a Hidalgo County man.

One other very interesting thing about bats in Texas and the laws regarding them is that Texas is the only state we have come across that requires schools to remove bats from their buildings. It’s a wonder to us that isn’t required everywhere, but it isn’t.

3 – The wide variety of bat species – Texas is home to 33 species of bats from 4 families. This is, of course, just the documented species. Bats are elusive creatures that science and conservation efforts find new information regularly. Bats can be found in every corner of Texas and every major metropolis; from the famed bats of the Ann W Richards Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin to the ultra-famous Bracken Cave in San Antonio that is home to an estimated 20 million bats, to the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony in Houston.

Of these 33 known species of bats in Texas, there are some very interesting ones! Here is a short list of my favorite.  Click the link below their photo for more information on each one.

Bats in Texas - Ghost Faced Bat

Ghost Faced Bat

Bats in Texas - Western Mastiff Bat

Western Mastiff Bat




What Bats in Texas Do For Us

The bats in Texas are some heavy hitters as far as the insect control they provide. A recent study concluded that bats contribute $3.2 billion annually nationwide for the agriculture community in insect control. They are a vital part to our ecological system.

We don’t believe in living with bats in your home though. Bats have the potential to spread rabies, their guano (droppings) can expose you to histoplasmosis, and they cause property damage. That isn’t even to mention that many people are terrified of bats.

If you have bats living in your home, you don’t have to just put up with it. You can have them excluded safely and humanely. You may even want to consider installing a bat house to give them an alternate place to live close to you to keep those mosquitoes down. We found this great forum where people share a wealth of knowledge about bat houses.

*One thing promoted by this forum is placing a bat house on the outside of your house. We do not agree with this practice as it is too easy for them to get back in your house. We recommend using a pole away from your house to install the bat house.

Give us a call anytime to discuss your bat problem. We’d be more than happy to come take a look for you.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski


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