As the largest bat exclusion company in the world with more than 25 years of experience, we have seen it all. The following guide explains what to expect during a bat infestation and why you need a local bat removal expert to handle the problem.

Common Bats

There are three species of bats that we find in homes and buildings most frequently:

  1. Eptesicus fuscus
  2. Myotis lucifugus
  3. Molossidae

Bats in the House

Don’t panic! If there is a bat in your house, it is most likely scared and lost. Since there is no food or water there, the bat wants to get back outside or to its nest.

DO NOT handle the bat with your bare hands.

If it is daytime, you can try opening a window to let it out. If the bat is lethargic or sleeping, you can sometimes capture it using leather gloves and some kind of container.

Keep in mind, if you see one bat, there are probably many more. Bats do not live alone. They are usually a part of a colony of 20 to 200 other bats!

Property Damage

With a large colony of bats in the house comes large amounts of guano and urine. These can be destructive to your property if not handled in a timely manner. The waste piles up and can seep through building materials, causing extreme damage. Removal of guano is time consuming and expensive.


If you have bats in a commercial setting, the liability of ignoring the situation can be extreme. There is a very real possibility of getting a “red-tag” from the health department, bad publicity in the media, and even lawsuits.


The percentage of bats that carry rabies is small, but the danger is still there. Bats have small mouths and teeth so a bite may go unnoticed. For this reason, if you see a bat in your house it is important to try to catch it so it can be tested for rabies. If you can’t capture the bat, you need to go to the doctor to get rabies shots.

Note: Rabies shots are extremely expensive, so catching the bat is a much better option.


The fungus Histoplasmosis is often found in large amounts of guano. If the guano is moved or disturbed, the spores can become airborne and then enter the eyes and lungs. In severe cases, this causes a loss of the lung or eye.

Important: If you are experiencing flu-like chest symptoms or if your eye is infected, let your doctor know that you may have been exposed to Histoplasmosis from bat guano.

Exclusion Process

There are quite a few ineffective ‘solutions’ for bat removal being sold, such as noise makers, bright lights, and plastic owls. DO NOT waste your money.

We make sure to do things right. We look for the point-of-entry and install our patented one-way doors or valves. Then, when the bats leave at night, they are unable to get back into the building. We make sure to ‘bat-proof’ the rest of the building so that they won’t find another way in.


We offer a warranty against re-infestation on our work, as long as the building isn’t in serious disrepair. So, if bats get back in, we will come back and remove them at no cost to you.

Your local bat removal expert,

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiMichael Koski


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