Bats in Hospitals

How a (seemingly) logical response to a pest control problem can close your health care facility

How to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes at Your Facility!

This brief report is based on real stories from real clients with bats in hospitals.

If you ever worry the Health Department or the Joint Commission is going to be unhappy with your pest control processes this free report is for you. Don’t live with bats in your hospital!

This report will only take five minutes to read, but will help you:

  • Avoid bad publicity
  • Mitigate the damage one angry and scared employee can cause
  • Solve a persistent, and frustrating pest control problem
  • Avoid unwanted attention from the Health Department and the Joint Commission

This short report will also make you laugh when you read about what some of your peers have gone through – imagine:

  • Watching the evening news and seeing an amateur video of a bat flying in your hospital
  • Thinking you solved a bat problem – and accidentally making it 100 times worse
  • Watching security footage of your personnel catching bats with shop vacuums in patient care areas

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By Michael Koski