We really don’t like jumping on the bats carry rabies scare train. In fact, under most circumstances, we try very hard to educate our customers that only between three and five percent of all bats carry rabies.

However, given our frightening tale from our technician Russ yesterday, we feel the need to spread this important public service announcement.

Bats Carry Rabies

I might get a little repetitive on this one, but please hang in there with me. I want to make sure that every single person reading this knows that bats carry rabies and why that is something you have to take precaution against.

One of our regional managers, Russ, in Colorado went to do an inspection at a home yesterday.

This inspection started off like any normal inspection. The homeowner reported that there was a bat in the house, so Russ started looking for it. Luckily for everyone, he found it and captured it.

He then took a look around the house, checking for any cracks or crevices that bats could be entering. Searching those areas for signs of an infestation like droppings or dirt smudges on the wall.

Russ happily reported back to the homeowners that he didn’t see any signs of infestation and it looked like it was just that one bat in the house.

Now, anyone that knows Russ or has had the pleasure of him inspecting your property, will tell you that Russ is a friendly guy! We get more feedback on Russ’ kind and friendly demeanor than anything else in Colorado.

While Russ was speaking with the homeowners he was being thorough as always and was asking them about the bat in the house to try and figure out how it got in. During the course of this conversation, they mentioned that their six year old daughter had some strange marks on her legs…


This is no longer a routine inspection…

Bats Carry Rabies

I’m sure you’re now getting the point of where I’m going with this.

Luckily, because the bat had been captured, Russ was able to get the bat to the state lab for testing. He even talked them into running the test as an emergency. The family had the results of the test by 5:30 yesterday night.

The bat had rabies. No, let me repeat… THE BAT HAD RABIES.

Thanks to some quick acting, the family is now undergoing rabies shots. Here is one very sobering statistic for you. 

Bats Carry Rabies

If you have a bat in your home, please don’t panic. Think with a calm, level head and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Read our guide for what to do by clicking here.

Thank you Russ for your kindness, your thoroughness, and for taking the time to help save a life. Today, you are our hero. Thank you for all you do to keep our customers safe.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

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