Bat Topics

In 1998, my dad and I were working at an art gallery in Aspen, Colorado selling high-end paintings. One day, we spotted a bat in the gallery! We brought it outside, day after day. We even threw it in a rival art gallery’s back door one night.[...] Read more
The short answer is YES you can get rabies from a bat bite. Bats are wild animals and a small percentage of them carry rabies. If you see a bat in the day time, or if the bat is on the ground instead of hunting bugs or hiding out in its roost, [...] Read more
Animal Planet recently aired a story on bats in its popular “Infested” series on March 1, 2013. This video (shared below) entitled Imprisoned by Bats | Infested! exaggerates the danger and fear that these homeowners experienced wit[...] Read more