Bat Topics

In 1998, my dad and I were working at an art gallery in Aspen, Colorado selling high-end paintings. One day, we spotted a bat in the gallery! We brought it outside, day after day. We even threw it in a rival art gallery’s back door one night.[...] Read more
The short answer is YES you can get rabies from a bat bite. Bats are wild animals and a small percentage of them carry rabies. If you see a bat in the day time, or if the bat is on the ground instead of hunting bugs or hiding out in its roost, [...] Read more
Animal Planet recently aired a story on bats in its popular “Infested” series on March 1, 2013. This video (shared below) entitled Imprisoned by Bats | Infested! exaggerates the danger and fear that these homeowners experienced with a ba[...] Read more
Bats provide a very helpful and necessary service. As the primary predator of nighttime insects, bats serve an important purpose in maintaining the balance of nature. One small brown bat can catch over 1000 mosquito-sized insects in an hour. La[...] Read more