So far in 2017, there have been seven hurricanes in total, and 13 named storms. The hurricane season in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico has been classified as “extremely active” by the definitions used by the National Hurricane Center. Texas, Florida, and the Islands off Florida have seen the brunt of this in the US. One repercussion that you may not think about in severe weather like this is how it would affect your bat removal project. So, how do severe weather and bat removal relate?

Weather Damage and Bat Removal

Fighting a bat infestation for many people is a worst nightmare come true. One of the most vital parts of our jobs is often keeping people who are very afraid of bats, calm.

So, imagine you have a bat infestation go on for years. You have different bat removal companies come in, but no one really solves the problem 100 percent. Then finally, you find someone that does! What a relief. But, a year or two down the road, you get hit with severe weather that causes damage to your home or building. What now?

Most people know the first step is to contact your insurance company and get a claim started as soon as possible. In the case of the southern US this year and all of the hurricane and tropical storm damage, it sometimes takes years for the insurance companies to sort through it all. Your claim is one of potentially millions.

For someone that is a year or a few out from a bat removal, you may not consider that you need to include re-bat proofing your home in your insurance claim, but you do, and here’s why:

Bat Removal Service Agreement TermsThat’s directly from our bat removal contract and it’s the standard in the pest control industry along with many other home improvement industries.

Severe weather may not destroy your home or building, but it may still cause enough mayhem to let bats and other critters back in. In fact, it’s more likely it will than it won’t.

Make Sure You’re Protected

We want to help our clients every step of the way. If you are still under your service agreement period and have suffered severe weather in your area this year, we are happy to help make sure you are taken care of.

We’re approaching the end of our bat removal season and now is a great time to get an inspection in so you can negotiate with your insurance company.

Call us today to get on the schedule!

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski


Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

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