Bat removal and home owners insuranceBat removal and homeowners insurance really do go hand in hand! The whole purpose of home owners insurance is to protect us again unforeseen circumstances. You didn’t see a bat infestation coming did you?

Bat removal can be expensive depending on the extent of your bat infestation problem. Get Bats Out is here to help!

We are happy to work hand in hand with you on your bat removal AND homeowners insurance claim. Our expert insurance department has the skill and knowledge to work with you and your insurance adjustor to take care of your problem quickly and safely.

The best part? You may pay as little as your homeowners insurance deductible for what might otherwise cost you tens of thousands.

If you would like to speak with one of our expert insurance coordinators and start your journey to become bat free, simply fill out the information requested below. This isn’t a process you have to tackle alone.

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