Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bat Removal?

Bat problems can be expensive, and getting your homeowners insurance to cover bat removal, guano clean-up and bat exclusion services is not always easy.

That is why, at Get Bats Out, we have insurance coordinators who are dedicated to getting you everything you deserve out of your homeowners policy.

take care of you bat problem with insurance

After all, bat infestations are often an unforeseen and hazardous problem, which is exactly what homeowners insurance is there for!

It is not worth the risk of histoplasmosis infection or potential bodily injury to try and get rid of bats on your own.

Leave it to the professionals!

get bats out with insurance

We can help you get the bats out, and help you get paid!  

In some cases, we may even be able to collect the insurance portion up-front, before you pay a dime!

The question is, does your insurance cover bat removal and guano cleanup claims?

Of course, every insurance provider and every policy is different, and it’s a known fact that most providers prefer not to pay on claims, or at least make it difficult on their policyholders to collect. But, that’s what we are here for!

What if my insurance denies my bat removal or guano cleanup claim?

Our insurance coordinators are experts at what they do and they won’t rest until you’ve gotten the coverage you are entitled to! Sometimes this may take an extended period of time, a lot of research and – if we are being honest – some pretty constant nagging to get your insurance to pay on the policy. But, you don’t have to take that on all by yourself.

We are your guide and advocate throughout the process. For example, there are a couple key steps to take when dealing with your homeowners insurance about bat problems.

  • DO NOT call your insurance company before downloading and reading the insurance guide.
  • Talk to our insurance coordinator first to avoid certain pitfalls that will get your claim denied before it’s even open. Click HERE or call 877-264-2287.
insurance coordinators for bat removal

Not sure if your insurance covers bats? – Give us a call!

Not sure if your insurance covers guano cleanup? – Give us a call!

Not sure if your insurance covers damage from bats? – Give us a call!

Not sure how much you can expect your insurance to pay for your bat claim? – Give us a call!

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We are so dedicated to helping our clients (and potential clients) that we make our insurance coordinators available – unlimited and at no cost – even if you haven’t hired us yet!

There is no need to hesitate. Simply call, or fill out the brief form below to speak with an expert insurance coordinator today.

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We can help you save thousands. In some cases you may only have to pay your homeowners insurance deductible!

If you need answers right away click HERE for some additional information regarding insurance coverage for your bat problem. 

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