You’ve heard the horror stories about what happens once the news gets hold of a story about bats in hospitals or other public buildings. There is no reason to let a bat create that much chaos if you catch the problem early and get ahead of it. But what happens if you are not lucky enough to notice the problem until it’s a much larger issue?

Bat Removal in Hospitals

Beyond the realities of having to evacuate an entire hospital, let’s look at two important health considerations that are caused by bats:

  1. Rabies – As a professional in the medical field, I’m sure we don’t need to explain what rabies is to you. The trouble with a bat in a hospital is this: bat bites are tiny. If a person is bit while sleeping, the patient may not even realize it. And without treatment, rabies is still considered 100% fatal. There have been 3 documented patients that have beaten rabies without treatment and 2 of the 3 patients were left with severe brain damage.
  2. Guano – This is the technical term for bat feces. During the cleanup efforts, when guano is disturbed, it sometimes releases fungus spores into the air which can cause histoplasmosis. Safe and quick cleanup ensures that you, your staff, and your patients, are kept out of harm’s way. Using a trained professional that can prevent cross contamination and can ensure that the fungus is completely gone will do wonders for your reputation should the media catch wind of your situation.

We Can Help!

We are the only bat removal for hospitals option that offers testing for histoplasma capsulatum and cryptococcus, the two infectious fungi found in bat guano. We can take as many samples as you need and have test results within hours depending on your urgency. If you have already been in contact with the local health department, how great would that assurance be to get you on the path of being declared safe once again? There’s no reason to let a few little bats shut down your entire hospital!

For more information on dealing humanely and quickly with a bat infestation, download our free guide.

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael KoskiYour local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski

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