Bat Removal FAQs

With so much valuable bat removal information available on our website, we understand that sometimes you want a quick and simple way to find the information you need. Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Do I need rabies shots?

Who hasn’t heard horror stories about bats and the rabies they carry? Or about the painful series of shots required if one is bitten by a bat? Probably very few of us have escaped the tales of woe from those who have undergone a bat “attack” of some sorts. Or at least a third- or fourth-hand account of a second-cousin-twice-removed who underwent the series of shots.

But just how dangerous are bats, anyway? Although bats make up nearly a quarter of the world’s mammals, fewer than a dozen human deaths have occurred from bat-strain rabies virus in the United States in the last 50 years. However, since the disease is so deadly, the shots so painful, and pets can also be infected, rabies and bats are often feared.

Will insurance cover bat removal?

Bat exclusion, bat proofing, guano clean-up, Histoplasmosis mitigation and repairs to your building from damage caused by bats is often very expensive. Insurance companies and bat removal often do not go hand in hand.According to the Insurance Information Institute, most pest infestations (and the damages accompanying them), are “maintenance issues” and not covered by insurance. The insurers feel it is the duty of the owner of the property to prevent the infestation or eradicate it long before any damage is done. In most cases, the property owner is left to pay for any damages.

That said, there are several options and situations that may provide significant financial relief if you are facing an expensive project – or at least save you money in the long run.

Is bat guano dangerous?

Ask nearly anyone, and you’ll hear that bats (although beneficial in insect control) can be dangerous because they carry rabies. But a lesser known danger, and one that is not as easy to avoid, is histoplasmosis, a disease you can get from exposure to bat guano (bat droppings). What is Histoplasmosis?

How do I get rid of bats?

With over 20 years experience in the bat removal business, I like to think I’ve seen it all. However, year after year there is something that surprises me about bats and removing bats from homes. Even with our wealth of knowledge on bats, we find there are a few brave souls that want to try their hand at removing bats from their homes or businesses themselves. So I wrote a guide on how to get rid of bats.

How expensive is bat removal?

The truth is, bat work is expensive. While many residential jobs can be completed for less than $4000, I’ve done jobs that ended up costing homeowners as much as $25,000.  Why the wide range? Sticker shock is very common.

What if Your Landlord Will Not Fix a Bat Problem?

It is very common for renters to contact us for help with a bat problem. Sometimes they are frustrated or even frightened because their landlord doesn’t seem to be taking the situation seriously. In this article we discuss:

  • Why your landlord might be dragging his or her feet & how you can partner with them to solve the problem.
  • What rights you may have & where you can find help.
  • How Get Bats Out can help in this situation.