On our last blog, we discussed why a hospital bat infestation leaves a bad taste in the community’s mouth.

  • Consumers have more choices and will choose someone else
  • The Joint Commission may get involved and shut you down
  • Insurance companies pulling contracts

And those are just the bullet points.

So before your hospital bat infestation gets to this point, start managing your hospital’s reputation.


Top 3 Ways To Manage Your Hospital’s Reputation

We’ve been doing professional bat removal for over 25 years. We specialize in commercial bat removal and have helped numerous hospitals with their issues. Here are the top three things other hospitals have learned the hard way:

  1. Discretion is key – We have negotiated with the Joint Commission to help a hospital get reopened after being shut down. We’ve worked with numerous local health departments to help maintain good public perception. These situations all came about because the community or local media found out about the problem. Get ahead of your hospital bat infestation issue BEFORE people find out about it. We are more than happy to come in plain clothing with no marked vehicles. We easily pass off as “maintenance” or a “construction crew” for some various project you are working on. We also have never and would never alert the media to force you into action. We understand the need for discretion and utilize the highest integrity for you. Sadly, not all of our competitors can say the same. So be careful who you call…
  2. Don’t ignore the problem – Probably the very worst thing you could do, is think this will go away on its own. A hospital bat infestation will NEVER just go away. In fact, bat infestations get worse with every passing year as the colony size will roughly double with every summer maternity season. Bats are instinctual and return to the same roost every year to give birth in the place where they were born. The main species of bats found in the US have a lifespan of 20-30 years depending. Think how many seasons of pups you may already have living there…
  3. Internal maintenance is seldom the solution – We hold your internal maintenance department in the highest of regards. They have a very difficult job and walk a very fine line between keeping costs under control, doing everything administration asks them to do, and keeping all of the doctors, nurses, and other employees of the hospital happy. To be honest, I wouldn’t want their job because of the challenges they face. Your internal maintenance department is great for routine day to day items, an occasional small pest problem, and small repairs. But a hospital bat infestation is way, way beyond their pay grade, skill set, and comfort level. If you task them with fixing this problem, are they going to try? Sure. Are they going to fix it? Maybe, but unlikely. If they don’t, what’s going to happen? Your problem is going to get 10 times worse while they are researching and trying different things to solve this for you…
woman with finger to lips for quiet
Bat on a wall just before bat removal technician captured it
ladder stands with no user

There is one more thing that any hospital administrator with a bet infestation absolutely need to know. For that special item, we recommend you download two things from our site; Hospital Discretion Download and How a (seemingly) Logical Response to a Pest Control Problem Can Close Your Facility.

Call in the Best Hospital Bat Infestation Experts

When your job is on the line, don’t risk it to the one man band pest control guy down the street. You need an expert. You need Get Bats Out.

I’ve helped save other people’s jobs. We can make you look like the hero instead of the turkey with it’s neck on the chopping block.

All you have to do is call or click below to have us call you. And remember, your information will never be shared with anyone else. We promise.

Your local bat removal expert,

Michael Koski

Get Bats Out Owner and President Michael Koski

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