Do you have a bat in your house right now?

A bat in your house can be a frightening experience. It is also a potentially serious situation. With the information on this page, you can handle this in a calm and safe way.

Making a good decision right now can save you worry and money. Please read carefully.

First – a few things to keep in mind with a bat in your house:

The bat wants out of the house – there is no food or water for it in your home.

The bat is disoriented and lost.

Bats are not aggressive – but will bite if cornered.

Bats’ teeth are very small. They typically will not bite through jeans or leather gloves.

A percentage of bats carry rabies.


*Rabies is reportedly very rare in the UK. If you live in the UK and have a bat in the house, please contact the Bat Conservation Trust either on National Bat Helpline at 0345 1300 228 or by emailing them at Laws surrounding bats are very different in the UK and EU than they are in the United States. 

Now – review these steps, one at a time: