A Bat Falcon perched on a branch

For the first time in U.S. history,

a BAT FALCON has been seen

in the state of Texas

A Bat Falcon has been seen for the first time in the U.S.!

Bird lovers visiting the Santa Ana National Park, Texas, in December 2021, were excited to see this beautiful bird of prey. So, what do we know about the Bat Falcon?

Bat Falcon Facts

  • Bat Falcons usually live in the tropical forests and woodlands of Central and South America and parts of Mexico. Although, now it would seem they are spreading their wings farther afield
  • The population is estimated at 500,000 – 5 million
  • With mostly black feathers, you can spot the Bat Falcon by its white neck and orange lower belly
  • Body length can be between 9-12 inches, with a wingspan of 25.5 – 26 inches!
  • They are mostly active at night, in the twilight hours, which is when they catch most of their prey

Feeding Habits

As you may have guessed, this bird feeds on bats. However, the Bat Falcon doesn’t limit its diet; it also feeds on smaller birds, rodents, and insects – it has even been seen to hunt bumblebees! 

So, why has this bird been seen so far from home? This could be due to the destruction of their usual habitat and the use of pesticides. According to The Peregrine Fund, “One of the biggest threats to this species is habitat loss. When forests are cut down, the Falcons are left without enough prey.” 

Bat Falcon with bat in mouth.

Will the bat falcon’s feeding habits have a big impact on the bat population in the U.S.? It seems unlikely at present, after all, this is just one sighting. As bats play an important role in our ecosystem, we can be grateful they’re not going to suddenly disappear. However, it is important to take action immediately if you find a bat colony inside your home or commercial property – due to the damage and serious diseases they can bring. If you suspect you have a bat colony living inside your property you need to contact a bat removal company without delay! 

For advice on what to do if you think a bat colony may be in your house – check out the links below:  



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