bat hanging from a deck

Have you found a bat on your porch? Or perhaps you’ve noticed droppings? Does this mean bats have found their way into your attic? Not necessarily.

Porches and overhangs make excellent roosting spots. After feeding, bats will often land to rest and digest their food before continuing to feed. They tend to feed on mosquitoes and insects that are attracted to the lights commonly placed near porches. While good for keeping the insects away, this can be a nuisance, and preventing bats from roosting on porches can be quite the challenge. We have a number of tips and tricks for homeowners, to try to prevent bats from picking your porch to roost in. 

Tips and tricks to stop bats from roosting under your porch.

Firstly, if you can wait for the season to change, the bat will probably leave on its own, when the weather turns cooler. If not, some people have had success hanging helium-filled Mylar balloons close to the roosting spot, the balloons need to sway to be effective, or by suspending aluminum foil.

a porch entrance to a home where bats like to hang

If you don’t like the idea of what might be considered unsightly by some, try hanging wind chimes or mechanical owls, basically more aesthetically pleasing versions of aluminium foil. These are all fairly easy solutions but are not as effective as our next suggestion.

stucco porch with a deck

A more long term solution would be to modify the surface on which the bats are roosting. Bats like a material that they can hang onto easily, so securing something like Plexiglass (Perspex) to roosting sites won’t allow the bats to hang as they could on brick or wood.

plexiglass to stop bats roosting above your porch

Lastly, remember that bats are actually good to have around, as long as they are not hanging around your home! So why not try adding a bat house to your property, which will provide them with an alternate roosting site.

bat box on a tree a good distance from a home

When to call the experts.

It is important to remember that if you find a bat on the ground during the daytime, it is likely to be injured or ill. Bats are wild animals so if they are in pain or in a panicked state they may try to defend themselves. Always take precautions, you should wear gloves and handle bats as little as possible, if in doubt call the experts.

We are happy to advise you on how to determine if you do have bats in your home, just give us a call. If you do have a bat problem, we can certainly help to get them out and keep them out.


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