Why Choose Get Bats Out?


Experience matters in bat removal projectsWith over 25 years in bat removal we are THE industry leader. We have the experience you can have faith in to get your bat removal project done right the first time.  Experience matters.



Award winning bat removal company customer service

We offer 24 hour customer service with emergency response if needed. Our customer service and project managers will communicate quickly and efficiently. You will never be left wondering how your project is going.



Warranty on bat removal

We live up to our word, plain and simple. We include a warranty against re-infestation on all of our bat removal projects. And if you do need to use it for any reason, we respond right away. We honor our promise to you to keep your home or business bat free.



Safe Bat Removal and Bat Control

While we at Get Bats Out highly respect bats and all they do for the environment, we understand that bats and humans are not meant to cohabit the same building or home. Bats do eat 1000’s of mosquitoes each night, but in your home they bring the risk of rabies, histoplasmosis, property damage, and bat bugs (often mistaken for bed bugs). In a commercial setting, you can add liability, loss of customers, and depreciation.


We remove live bats from all types of commercial and residential buildings. We do not harm the bats – we perform an “exclusion” followed by a “bat proofing”. When needed we also perform Histoplasmosis remediation and guano clean up.


Our bat removal service is nationwide and we offer quick response. Most bats are legally protected and some, such as the Indiana Bat and the Gray Bat, are classified as endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We comply with all state and federal laws and guidelines such as:


  • Wildlife Nuisance Permits where necessary
  • Full Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • OSHA Safety Protocols Strictly Followed
  • Current Rabies Shots for all Personnel working with bats



Essential homeowners guide to bat removalHomeowner’s Guide

Homeowners, if you are the “hands on” type – or simply want to be an informed consumer, we suggest you take a look at our book!


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Insurance guide to help pay for bat removal and guano cleanupInsurance Guide

Can you get financial assistance from your insurance company? It is possible with the help of this download, “Bat Strategies” Insurance Guide.


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Nationwide bat removal with rapid response

Nationwide Bat Exclusion

We service all of the United States and parts of Canada. No project is too big or too small. Our residential and commercial work experience includes Schools and Universities, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Food Processing and Industrial Plants, Vacation Cabins and Condos, Apartment Complexes, Large Homes, Warehouses, Large Retail Chain Stores, Historic and Landmark Buildings.


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